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Survey Creator Library

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Survey Creator is a GUI-based no-code form builder library that allows you to create a self-hosted form management system and offload content work from software developers onto the shoulders of non-technical users, like content creators. The form buider produces a survey configuration in JSON format. This configuration can be later used by the SurveyJS Form Library to display a survey form in your application. You can try out our free survey tool built to demonstrate the capabilities of the Survey Creator library and estimate its potential value for your project(s).

Survey Creator / Form Builder by SurveyJS

Try Survey Creator / Form Builder


  • Native support for React, Angular, and Knockout
  • Integration of the Knockout version into Vue and jQuery applications
  • Built-in themes and CSS customization
  • TypeScript support
  • Community-supported UI localization to 25+ languages
  • Integration with any backend framework (examples for PHP, NodeJS, and ASP.NET included)
  • A dynamic, data-driven approach that uses industry-standard JSON as common ground: your entire form is defined as a data model (a "schema") written in JSON, and a form UI is built automatically from templates using this model.
  • Compatibility with any server + database combination
  • Third-party component integration

Get Started



Survey Creator is not available for free commercial usage. If you want to integrate it into your application, you must purchase a commercial license for software developer(s) who will be working with the SurveyJS product's APIs and implementing their integration. However, you can use our free survey tool to generate survey configuration file in the JSON format and use it with SurveyJS Form Library in your application free of charge.