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//Uncomment this line on creating a translation file
//import { editorLocalization, defaultStrings } from "../editorLocalization";
export var enStrings = {
//survey templates
survey: {
edit: "Edit",
dropQuestion: "Please drop a question here from the Toolbox on the left.",
copy: "Copy",
addToToolbox: "Add to toolbox",
deletePanel: "Delete Panel",
deleteQuestion: "Delete Question",
convertTo: "Convert to",
drag: "Drag element"
qt: {
default: "Default",
checkbox: "Checkbox",
comment: "Comment",
imagepicker: "Image picker",
dropdown: "Dropdown",
file: "File",
html: "Html",
matrix: "Matrix (single choice)",
matrixdropdown: "Matrix (multiple choice)",
matrixdynamic: "Matrix (dynamic rows)",
multipletext: "Multiple Text",
panel: "Panel",
paneldynamic: "Panel (dynamic panels)",
radiogroup: "Radiogroup",
rating: "Rating",
text: "Single Input",
boolean: "Boolean",
expression: "Expression (read-only)",
flowpanel: "Flow Panel"
//Strings in Editor
ed: {
defaultLocale: "Default ({0})",
survey: "Survey",
settings: "Survey Settings",
editSurvey: "Edit Survey",
addNewPage: "Add New Page",
moveRight: "Scroll to the Right",
moveLeft: "Scroll to the Left",
deletePage: "Delete Page",
editPage: "Edit Page",
edit: "Edit",
newPageName: "page",
newQuestionName: "question",
newPanelName: "panel",
newTextItemName: "text",
testSurvey: "Test Survey",
testSurveyAgain: "Test Survey Again",
testSurveyWidth: "Survey width: ",
embedSurvey: "Embed Survey",
translation: "Translation",
saveSurvey: "Save Survey",
designer: "Survey Designer",
jsonEditor: "JSON Editor",
undo: "Undo",
redo: "Redo",
options: "Options",
generateValidJSON: "Generate Valid JSON",
generateReadableJSON: "Generate Readable JSON",
toolbox: "Toolbox",
toolboxGeneralCategory: "General",
delSelObject: "Delete selected object",
editSelObject: "Edit selected object",
correctJSON: "Please correct JSON.",
surveyResults: "Survey Result: ",
surveyResultsTable: "As Table",
surveyResultsJson: "As JSON",
resultsTitle: "Question Title",
resultsName: "Question Name",
resultsValue: "Answer Value",
resultsDisplayValue: "Display Value",
modified: "Modified",
saving: "Saving",
saved: "Saved",
saveError: "Error! Editor content is not saved.",
translationAddLanguage: "Select language to translate",
translationShowAllStrings: "Show all strings",
translationShowAllPages: "Show all pages",
translationNoStrings: "No strings to translate. Please, change the filter.",
translationExportToSCVButton: "Export to CSV",
translationImportFromSCVButton: "Import from CSV",
translationMergeLocaleWithDefault: "Merge {0} with default locale",
bold: "Bold",
italic: "Italic",
underline: "Underline",
fpAddQuestion: "Add question..."
//Property names in table headers
pel: {
isRequired: "Required?"
//Property Editors
pe: {
apply: "Apply",
ok: "OK",
cancel: "Cancel",
reset: "Reset",
close: "Close",
delete: "Delete",
addNew: "Add New",
addItem: "Click to add an item...",
removeAll: "Remove All",
edit: "Edit",
itemValueEdit: "Visible If",
editChoices: "Edit Choices",
move: "Move",
empty: "<empty>",
notEmpty: "<edit value>",
fastEntry: "Fast Entry",
formEntry: "Form Entry",
testService: "Test the service",
conditionSelectQuestion: "Select question...",
conditionValueQuestionTitle: "Please enter/select the value",
conditionButtonAdd: "Add",
conditionButtonReplace: "Replace",
"Please enter a boolean expression. It should return true to keep the question/page visible. For example: {question1} = 'value1' or ({question2} * {question4} > 20 and {question3} < 5)",
"Please enter an expression. You may use curly brackets to get access to the question values: '{question1} + {question2}', '({price}*{quantity}) * (100 - {discount})'",
aceEditorHelp: "Press ctrl+space to get expression completion hint",
aceEditorRowTitle: "Current row",
aceEditorPanelTitle: "Current panel",
showMore: "For more details please check the documentation",
assistantTitle: "Available questions:",
cellsEmptyRowsColumns: "There is should be at least one column or row",
propertyIsEmpty: "Please enter a value",
value: "Value",
text: "Text",
rowid: "Row ID",
imageLink: "Image Link",
columnEdit: "Edit column: {0}",
itemEdit: "Edit item: {0}",
url: "URL",
path: "Path",
valueName: "Value name",
titleName: "Title name",
hasOther: "Has other item",
otherText: "Other item text",
name: "Name",
title: "Title",
cellType: "Cell type",
colCount: "Column count",
choicesOrder: "Select choices order",
visible: "Is visible?",
isRequired: "Is required?",
startWithNewLine: "Is start with new line?",
rows: "Row count",
placeHolder: "Input place holder",
showPreview: "Is image preview shown?",
storeDataAsText: "Store file content in JSON result as text",
maxSize: "Maximum file size in bytes",
imageHeight: "Image height",
imageWidth: "Image width",
rowCount: "Row count",
columnLayout: "Columns layout",
addRowLocation: "Add row button location",
addRowText: "Add row button text",
removeRowText: "Remove row button text",
rateMin: "Minimum rate",
rateMax: "Maximum rate",
rateStep: "Rate step",
minRateDescription: "Minimum rate description",
maxRateDescription: "Maximum rate description",
inputType: "Input type",
optionsCaption: "Options caption",
defaultValue: "Default value",
cellsDefaultRow: "Default cells texts",
surveyEditorTitle: "Edit survey settings",
qEditorTitle: "Edit: {0}",
maxLength: "Maximum length",
showTitle: "Show/hide title",
locale: "Default language",
mode: "Mode (edit/read only)",
clearInvisibleValues: "Clear invisible values",
cookieName: "Cookie name (to disable run survey two times locally)",
sendResultOnPageNext: "Send survey results on page next",
storeOthersAsComment: "Store 'others' value in separate field",
showPageTitles: "Show page titles",
showPageNumbers: "Show page numbers",
pagePrevText: "Page previous button text",
pageNextText: "Page next button text",
completeText: "Complete button text",
startSurveyText: "Start button text",
showNavigationButtons: "Show navigation buttons (default navigation)",
showPrevButton: "Show previous button (user may return on previous page)",
firstPageIsStarted: "The first page in the survey is a started page.",
showCompletedPage: "Show the completed page at the end (completedHtml)",
"On answering all questions, go to the next page automatically",
showProgressBar: "Show progress bar",
questionTitleLocation: "Question title location",
requiredText: "The question required symbol(s)",
questionStartIndex: "Question start index (1, 2 or 'A', 'a')",
showQuestionNumbers: "Show question numbers",
"Question title template, default is: '{no}. {require} {title}'",
questionErrorLocation: "Question error location",
focusFirstQuestionAutomatic: "Focus first question on changing the page",
questionsOrder: "Elements order on the page",
maxTimeToFinish: "Maximum time to finish the survey",
maxTimeToFinishPage: "Maximum time to finish a page in the survey",
showTimerPanel: "Show timer panel",
showTimerPanelMode: "Show timer panel mode",
renderMode: "Render mode",
allowAddPanel: "Allow adding a panel",
allowRemovePanel: "Allow removing the panel",
panelAddText: "Adding panel text",
panelRemoveText: "Removing panel text",
isSinglePage: "Show all elements on one page",
tabs: {
general: "General",
fileOptions: "Options",
html: "Html Editor",
columns: "Columns",
rows: "Rows",
choices: "Choices",
items: "Items",
visibleIf: "Visible If",
enableIf: "Enable If",
requiredIf: "Required If",
rateValues: "Rate Values",
choicesByUrl: "Choices from Web",
matrixChoices: "Default Choices",
multipleTextItems: "Text Inputs",
validators: "Validators",
navigation: "Navigation",
question: "Question",
completedHtml: "Completed Html",
loadingHtml: "Loading Html",
timer: "Timer/Quiz",
triggers: "Triggers",
templateTitle: "Template title"
editProperty: "Edit property '{0}'",
items: "[ Items: {0} ]",
enterNewValue: "Please, enter the value.",
noquestions: "There is no any question in the survey.",
createtrigger: "Please create a trigger",
triggerOn: "On ",
triggerMakePagesVisible: "Make pages visible:",
triggerMakeQuestionsVisible: "Make elements visible:",
triggerCompleteText: "Complete the survey if succeed.",
triggerNotSet: "The trigger is not set",
triggerRunIf: "Run if",
triggerSetToName: "Change value of: ",
triggerFromName: "Copy value from: ",
triggerRunExpression: "Run this Expression:",
triggerSetValue: "to: ",
triggerIsVariable: "Do not put the variable into the survey result."
//Property values
pv: {
true: "true",
false: "false",
inherit: "inherit",
show: "show",
hide: "hide",
default: "default",
initial: "initial",
random: "random",
collapsed: "collapsed",
expanded: "expanded",
none: "none",
asc: "ascending",
desc: "descending",
indeterminate: "indeterminate",
decimal: "decimal",
currency: "currency",
percent: "percent",
firstExpanded: "firstExpanded",
off: "off",
onPanel: "onPanel",
onSurvey: "onSurvey",
list: "list",
progressTop: "progressTop",
progressBottom: "progressBottom",
progressTopBottom: "progressTopBottom",
horizontal: "horizontal",
vertical: "vertical",
top: "top",
bottom: "bottom",
topBottom: "top and bottom",
left: "left",
color: "color",
date: "date",
datetime: "datetime",
"datetime-local": "datetime-local",
email: "email",
month: "month",
number: "number",
password: "password",
range: "range",
tel: "tel",
text: "text",
time: "time",
url: "url",
week: "week",
hidden: "hidden",
on: "on",
onPage: "onPage",
edit: "edit",
display: "display",
onComplete: "onComplete",
onHidden: "onHidden",
all: "all",
page: "page",
survey: "survey",
onNextPage: "onNextPage",
onValueChanged: "onValueChanged"
op: {
empty: "is empty",
notempty: "is not empty",
equal: "equals",
notequal: "not equals",
contains: "contains",
notcontains: "not contains",
greater: "greater",
less: "less",
greaterorequal: "greater or equals",
lessorequal: "less or equals"
//Embed window
ew: {
angular: "Use Angular version",
jquery: "Use jQuery version",
knockout: "Use Knockout version",
react: "Use React version",
vue: "Use Vue version",
bootstrap: "For bootstrap framework",
standard: "No bootstrap",
showOnPage: "Show survey on a page",
showInWindow: "Show survey in a window",
loadFromServer: "Load Survey JSON from server",
titleScript: "Scripts and styles",
titleHtml: "HTML",
titleJavaScript: "JavaScript"
//Test Survey
ts: {
selectPage: "Select the page to test it:",
showInvisibleElements: "Show invisible elements"
validators: {
answercountvalidator: "answer count",
emailvalidator: "e-mail",
expressionvalidator: "expression",
numericvalidator: "numeric",
regexvalidator: "regex",
textvalidator: "text"
triggers: {
completetrigger: "complete survey",
setvaluetrigger: "set value",
copyvaluetrigger: "copy value",
runexpressiontrigger: "run expression",
visibletrigger: "change visibility"
p: {
name: "name",
title: {
name: "title",
title: "Leave it empty, if it is the same as 'Name'"
navigationButtonsVisibility: "navigationButtonsVisibility",
questionsOrder: "questionsOrder",
maxTimeToFinish: "maxTimeToFinish",
visible: "visible",
visibleIf: "visibleIf",
questionTitleLocation: "questionTitleLocation",
description: "description",
state: "state",
isRequired: "isRequired",
requiredIf: "requiredIf",
indent: "indent",
requiredErrorText: "requiredErrorText",
startWithNewLine: "startWithNewLine",
innerIndent: "innerIndent",
page: "page",
width: "width",
commentText: "commentText",
valueName: "valueName",
enableIf: "enableIf",
defaultValue: "defaultValue",
correctAnswer: "correctAnswer",
readOnly: "readOnly",
validators: "validators",
titleLocation: "titleLocation",
hasComment: "hasComment",
hasOther: "hasOther",
choices: "choices",
choicesOrder: "choicesOrder",
choicesByUrl: "choicesByUrl",
otherText: "otherText",
otherErrorText: "otherErrorText",
storeOthersAsComment: "storeOthersAsComment",
label: "label",
showTitle: "showTitle",
valueTrue: "valueTrue",
valueFalse: "valueFalse",
cols: "cols",
rows: "rows",
placeHolder: "placeHolder",
optionsCaption: "optionsCaption",
expression: "expression",
format: "format",
displayStyle: "displayStyle",
currency: "currency",
useGrouping: "useGrouping",
showPreview: "showPreview",
allowMultiple: "allowMultiple",
imageHeight: "imageHeight",
imageWidth: "imageWidth",
storeDataAsText: "storeDataAsText",
maxSize: "maxSize",
html: "html",
columns: "columns",
cells: "cells",
isAllRowRequired: "isAllRowRequired",
horizontalScroll: "horizontalScroll",
cellType: "cellType",
columnsLayout: "columnsLayout",
columnColCount: "columnColCount",
columnMinWidth: "columnMinWidth",
rowCount: "rowCount",
minRowCount: "minRowCount",
maxRowCount: "maxRowCount",
keyName: "keyName",
keyDuplicationError: "keyDuplicationError",
confirmDelete: "confirmDelete",
confirmDeleteText: "confirmDeleteText",
addRowLocation: "addRowLocation",
addRowText: "addRowText",
removeRowText: "removeRowText",
items: "items",
itemSize: "itemSize",
colCount: "colCount",
templateTitle: "templateTitle",
templateDescription: "templateDescription",
allowAddPanel: "allowAddPanel",
allowRemovePanel: "allowRemovePanel",
panelCount: "panelCount",
minPanelCount: "minPanelCount",
maxPanelCount: "maxPanelCount",
panelsState: "panelsState",
panelAddText: "panelAddText",
panelRemoveText: "panelRemoveText",
panelPrevText: "panelPrevText",
panelNextText: "panelNextText",
showQuestionNumbers: "showQuestionNumbers",
showRangeInProgress: "showRangeInProgress",
renderMode: "renderMode",
templateTitleLocation: "templateTitleLocation",
rateValues: "rateValues",
rateMin: "rateMin",
rateMax: "rateMax",
rateStep: "rateStep",
minRateDescription: "minRateDescription",
maxRateDescription: "maxRateDescription",
inputType: "inputType",
size: "size",
locale: "locale",
focusFirstQuestionAutomatic: "focusFirstQuestionAutomatic",
completedHtml: "completedHtml",
completedBeforeHtml: "completedBeforeHtml",
loadingHtml: "loadingHtml",
triggers: "triggers",
cookieName: "cookieName",
sendResultOnPageNext: "sendResultOnPageNext",
showNavigationButtons: "showNavigationButtons",
showPrevButton: "showPrevButton",
showPageTitles: "showPageTitles",
showCompletedPage: "showCompletedPage",
showPageNumbers: "showPageNumbers",
questionErrorLocation: "questionErrorLocation",
showProgressBar: "showProgressBar",
mode: "mode",
goNextPageAutomatic: "goNextPageAutomatic",
checkErrorsMode: "checkErrorsMode",
clearInvisibleValues: "clearInvisibleValues",
startSurveyText: "startSurveyText",
pagePrevText: "pagePrevText",
pageNextText: "pageNextText",
completeText: "completeText",
requiredText: "requiredText",
questionStartIndex: "questionStartIndex",
questionTitleTemplate: "questionTitleTemplate",
firstPageIsStarted: "firstPageIsStarted",
isSinglePage: "isSinglePage",
maxTimeToFinishPage: "maxTimeToFinishPage",
showTimerPanel: "showTimerPanel",
showTimerPanelMode: "showTimerPanelMode",
defaultPanelValue: "defaultPanelValue",
defaultRowValue: "defaultRowValue",
hasNone: "hasNone",
noneText: "noneText",
text: "text",
minValue: "Minimum value",
maxValue: "Maximum value",
minLength: "Minimum length",
maxLength: "Maximum length",
allowDigits: "Allow digits",
minCount: "Minimum count",
maxCount: "Maximum count",
regex: "Regular expression"
//Uncomment this line on creating a translation file. You should replace "en" and enStrings with your locale ("fr", "de" and so on) and your variable.
//editorLocalization.locales["en"] = enStrings;
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