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//Uncomment this line on creating a translation file
//import { surveyLocalization } from "../surveyStrings";
export var englishStrings = {
pagePrevText: "Previous",
pageNextText: "Next",
completeText: "Complete",
previewText: "Preview",
editText: "Edit",
startSurveyText: "Start",
otherItemText: "Other (describe)",
noneItemText: "None",
selectAllItemText: "Select All",
progressText: "Page {0} of {1}",
panelDynamicProgressText: "Record {0} of {1}",
questionsProgressText: "Answered {0}/{1} questions",
emptySurvey: "There is no visible page or question in the survey.",
completingSurvey: "Thank you for completing the survey!",
"Our records show that you have already completed this survey.",
loadingSurvey: "Loading Survey...",
optionsCaption: "Choose...",
value: "value",
requiredError: "Please answer the question.",
requiredErrorInPanel: "Please answer at least one question.",
requiredInAllRowsError: "Please answer questions in all rows.",
numericError: "The value should be numeric.",
textMinLength: "Please enter at least {0} characters.",
textMaxLength: "Please enter less than {0} characters.",
textMinMaxLength: "Please enter more than {0} and less than {1} characters.",
minRowCountError: "Please fill in at least {0} rows.",
minSelectError: "Please select at least {0} variants.",
maxSelectError: "Please select no more than {0} variants.",
"The '{0}' should be equal or more than {1} and equal or less than {2}",
numericMin: "The '{0}' should be equal or more than {1}",
numericMax: "The '{0}' should be equal or less than {1}",
invalidEmail: "Please enter a valid e-mail address.",
invalidExpression: "The expression: {0} should return 'true'.",
urlRequestError: "The request returned error '{0}'. {1}",
"The request returned empty data or the 'path' property is incorrect",
exceedMaxSize: "The file size should not exceed {0}.",
otherRequiredError: "Please enter the other value.",
"Your file is uploading. Please wait several seconds and try again.",
loadingFile: "Loading...",
chooseFile: "Choose file(s)...",
noFileChosen: "No file chosen",
confirmDelete: "Do you want to delete the record?",
keyDuplicationError: "This value should be unique.",
addColumn: "Add column",
addRow: "Add row",
removeRow: "Remove",
addPanel: "Add new",
removePanel: "Remove",
choices_Item: "item",
matrix_column: "Column",
matrix_row: "Row",
savingData: "The results are saving on the server...",
savingDataError: "An error occurred and we could not save the results.",
savingDataSuccess: "The results were saved successfully!",
saveAgainButton: "Try again",
timerMin: "min",
timerSec: "sec",
timerSpentAll: "You have spent {0} on this page and {1} in total.",
timerSpentPage: "You have spent {0} on this page.",
timerSpentSurvey: "You have spent {0} in total.",
"You have spent {0} of {1} on this page and {2} of {3} in total.",
timerLimitPage: "You have spent {0} of {1} on this page.",
timerLimitSurvey: "You have spent {0} of {1} in total.",
cleanCaption: "Clean",
clearCaption: "Clear",
chooseFileCaption: "Choose file",
removeFileCaption: "Remove this file",
booleanCheckedLabel: "Yes",
booleanUncheckedLabel: "No",
confirmRemoveFile: "Are you sure that you want to remove this file: {0}?",
confirmRemoveAllFiles: "Are you sure that you want to remove all files?",
questionTitlePatternText: "Question Title",
//Uncomment these two lines on creating a translation file. You should replace "en" and enStrings with your locale ("fr", "de" and so on) and your variable.
//surveyLocalization.locales["en"] = englishStrings;
//surveyLocalization.localeNames["en"] = "English";
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