Sample .NET Core backend for SurveyJS library and Editor
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Sample .NET Core backend for SurveyJS library

SurveyJS Home Page

Live Online Survey + Builder Demo


  • Install .NET Core on your computer
  • Clone this repository in the surveyjs-aspnet-mvc folder
  • Build surveyjs-aspnet-mvc application via dotnet build command in the surveyjs-aspnet-mvc folder
  • Start applucation via dotnet run command

At this point demo surveyjs-php service will be available at the http://localhost:5000 address. If everything is ok, you should see project home page with list of available surveys and links to Survey and Builder pages.

You can continue with survey via Run page, go through the survey and post results to the custom service. You can continue with editor via Edit page, change the survey and store survey JSON to the custom service.