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Survey Project - SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) - Reports
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surveyproject SSRS Reports repository - spreports

Survey Project Logo


The spreports repository is created to share and develop SQL Server Reporting Services reports for the Survey Project webapplication. SP/ SSRS reports are created through this solution after which the .rdl(c) file can be added to SP.


  • Survey™ Project (SP) is a free. open source survey and (data entry) forms webapplication (WAP) for processing & gathering data online.

  • Survey™ Project is written in C#, ASP.NET and runs on Windows OS, IIS and MsSqlserver databases.

  • Survey™ Project is an easy-to-use webapp to collect data and information from customers, visitors or employees efficiently.

At Github you will find the most recent Survey™ Project releases, source code and several branches for (public) development. Former releases (up untill v 2.3) and sources can be found at


Available Guides for SP™ v2.4

  • Quickstart UserGuide
  • Installation Guide
  • Developers Guide

Download at:

On Github check the docs directory of the repository for information on:

  • Support
  • Code of Conduct
  • Contributions
  • Issue Template
  • Pull Request Template

Platform & Websites

The following sites are part of the current project and development platform:

+Survey™ Project Community at

  • main site of the project for regular status updates
  • forums on all SP™ related subjects
  • all product information and backgrounds
  • links and help files

+Survey™ Project Demonstation at

  • test and demo site of the latest SP™ webapplication
  • test and demo of online survey samples

+Survey™ Project Business Services at

  • information on SP™ related services
  • business-to-business only

+Survey™ Project Codeplex at

  • former versions of the source code
  • former releases;
  • (legacy) documentation

Note: as announced by Microsoft [2017/03/31] the Codeplex site will shutdown. Already this Github site has replaced all former Codeplex features for the SP™ project. All information on Codeplex will be archived and remain available.

Branches Overview


  • master: initial branche containing the SP v2.5 SSRS reporting solution source code
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