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SurviveJS - Maintenance

Maintaining web projects is difficult. The purpose of this book is help you to maintain your projects and gather good practices into a single place. You can read the book online.

How to Use This Repository?

You can read the content easily through the book site. It is also available within the manuscript directory of the repository.

The book is developed under the master branch. It contains the source of the most recent development version. Each version has been tagged so that it's easy for you to find the source matching to the version of the book you are reading.

Getting Support

As no book is perfect, you will likely come by issues and might have some questions related to the content. There are a couple of options to deal with this:

If you post questions to Stack Overflow, tag them using survivejs so I will get notified of them. You can also use the hashtag #survivejs at Twitter.


I announce SurviveJS related news through a couple of channels:

Feel free to subscribe.


Feedback and PRs are welcome! See for more information.


Creative Commons License