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# react-boilerplate - Boilerplate for "SurviveJS - React"
See [SurviveJS - React]( for the book.
+## Getting Started
+1. `npm i` - Install dependencies. This might take a while.
+2. `npm start` - Run development build. If it doesn't start, make sure you aren't running anything else in the same port. In case you are on a Unix platform, you can try `PORT=3000 npm start`. It will pick up the port from the environment if it's set.
+3. Surf to the port shown at terminal.
+4. Start modifying the code. The browser should pick up the changes.
+## Advanced Commands
+Beyond development, the boilerplate supports other tasks listed below:
+* `npm run build` - Generates a production build below `build/`. See the [Building with Webpack]( part for more.
+* `npm run deploy` - Deploys the contents of the `build/` directory below the **gh-pages** branch.
+* `npm run test` - Runs `tests/` through Karma/Phantom/Mocha once.
+* `npm run test:tdd` - Runs `tests/` in a TDD mode (watches for changes and rebuilds).
+* `npm run test:lint` - Runs code through ESLint to spot code quality issues.
+* `npm run stats` - Generates Webpack build statistics. See the [Analyzing Build Statistics]( chapter.

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