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Database Conventions

Just like a code style guide creates consistency within projects and amongst development teams, a set of conventions for database design is also important.

The following is a set of conventions you should follow when building your database tables in this course.

Not only will these conventions create consistency in our projects, we'll also see that many of them are utilized by Laravel's database tools.


  • No set conventions - could be the app name (e.g. foobooks) or named after the project (e.g. project4)


  • Table names should be lowercase and plural (e.g. books, authors)
  • Multi-word table names should be snake_case_separated (e.g. password_resets).
  • A simple, single word table name is preferred to multi-word table names but exceptions are made when it's unavoidable.


  • Every table (including pivot tables) should begin with an auto-incrementing Primary Index integer column called id (singular, lowercase).
  • Column names should be lowercase and singular (e.g. title, published_year)
  • Multi-word column names should be snake_case_separated (e.g. first_name, last_name).
  • Column names should not include the name of the table (e.g. a table called orders might have a column type but it should not have a column order_type as that’s redundant).
  • If the same column name is used in two different tables, be consistent (e.g. don't have a zip column in one table and zip_code column in another).
  • Don’t artificially shorten or abbreviate words for column names. It is better for a name to be long and clear than short and confusing. (e.g. preference is better than pref, description is better than desc). Consistently avoiding abbreviations also makes it easier for developers to recall column names because you don't have to wonder if/how you abbreviated a column.
  • Typically, a column should not contain more than one element of data (e.g. rather than a name column with a user’s first and last name, it’s better to have a first_name and last_name column so that each part of the name can be individually accessed).
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