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Directory structure

Most frequently used files/directories:

Path Usage
/routes/web.php Where all your web routes go; think of this as the map of your application.
/app Where all your models go (amongst other files/dirs that make up the core of your app)
/resources/views/ Where all your views go
/app/Http/Controllers Where all your controllers go
/config/ Where all your configurations are set
/public/ Where front-end assets (images, js, css) go; the only directory the browser has access to
/.env Where configurations that are specific to the current environment are set
/composer.json Composer config file - Where you manage what dependencies your application has

Learn more: Laravel Docs: Directory Structure

Remember that PhpStorm's Search Everywhere tool can be invoked by hitting Shift twice. This feature can help minimize the overwhelming nature of all the dirs/files in a framework like Laravel.

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