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Practice work

Throughout lecture and your own practice work, we'll need a way to test out examples.

For example, in the notes on Environments, we learn that you can get config variables using the config helper method, e.g.:


Where should you run this command to test it out? You have a few options, described below.

(Side note: the above code also uses the Laravel helper method dump which we'll use a lot when working locally and we want our app to simply output some data/info so we can examine it.)

Option 1: Practice route

You can create a temporary practice route:

Route::get('/practice', function () {
  • Pros: Quick and easy
  • Cons: Not ideal to clutter up your routes file, but not a big deal if you remember to remove it when done.

Option 2: Practice controller

Create a controller dedicated to practice work, PracticeController.php, with a dynamic route to access the individual methods. This is what I'll do for lecture.

Refer to the following foobooks' files to see how it's set up:

Option 3: Artisan Tinker

If you run php artisan tinker in your Laravel project, you'll get an interactive console for tinkering with your app.


/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/foobooks (master)  $ php artisan tinker
Psy Shell v0.7.2 (PHP 5.6.25 — cli) by Justin Hileman
>>> dump(config('mail.driver'));
=> "smtp"

Tip: Hit ctrl + c to exit the Tinker console.

  • Pros: Convenient for quick examples, requires no additional files to clutter up your project.
  • Cons: For lecture purposes this isn't ideal, because there will be no history of the examples, but feel free to use during your own practice.
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