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Markdown is a popular syntax format for styling text. On Github, you'll see Markdown used when authoring content using their Issues and Wiki tools. Markdown is also commonly used to format code documentation, files, and when posting on popular software Q&A forums like StackOverflow.

In short— Markdown is an essential tool for modern software developers, and thus it's one of the tangential skills you'll apply in this course. Specifically, you'll need to use Markdown syntax when posting to the Issues forum and authoring files for your projects.

If you don't already know Markdown, fret not— it's a simple syntax language and shouldn't take more than a half hour to learn.

To dig into Markdown read through this quick guide: Github: Mastering Markdown.

Before you start, though, go to the Issues forum for this course and click New Issue on the top right. Here you can draft a new post and practice with Markdown syntax. You shouldn't actually submit the post, so don't worry about the content.

As you're writing, switch between Write and Preview modes to see how your post is being styled.

Practicing Markdown in Github Issues

Of the styling features Markdown supports, here are the ones you should be sure to understand:

  • Basic text styling (bold, italics, headings)
  • Links
  • Images
  • Code
    • Inline code
    • Block code w/ syntax highlighting

After you've studied the aforementioned guide, read this example post demonstrating Markdown features.