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PhpStorm is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), which is a super-powered code editor packed with tools intended to make your development process easier. PhpStorm is most focused on PHP, but also has fantastic support for other languages (HTML, CSS, JS, Markdown, etc.).

An IDE is programmed to understand the code you're writing and assist you along the way with things like code completion, on-the-fly error prevention, code clean-up and refactoring tools, as well as sophisticated tools for navigating through the structure of your code.

Alternatives to IDEs include code editors such as Sublime or Atom.

Programs like Sublime text can be powerful, especially when you install plugins, but PhpStorm is powerful “out of the box” and it would take a lot of plugins to match the features in PhpStorm. Furthermore, even if you loaded Sublime with tons of plugins to get all the features you needed, the software would start to become bloated and you're not guaranteed all the various plugins are working seamlessly together.

The downside to IDEs is they're more complex and can be overwhelming at first with a steeper learning curve. Fortunately, though, PhpStorm is highly customizable so you can scale down all the features you're exposed to at first, and slowly bring the ones you need back into action as needed.

With all this being said though, having a basic editor like Sublime on hand can be useful for occasional quick edits to miscellaneous files when you're not in the middle of a set project.


If you're new to PhpStorm, I suggest importing my settings which will greatly simplify your interface and provide for a consistent experience with what you see in lecture videos.

As you become more comfortable with the program, you can branch out and customize the program to your liking.

  1. Download dwa-phpstorm-settings.jar
  2. File > Import Settings - select the dwa-php-storm-settings.jar file you just downloaded.

My settings include everything except keymaps, as this varies between Mac/Windows. More on customizing your keymaps in a moment.


PhpStorm is centered around projects.

As an example, we'll create a new project out of our hello-world app from Week 2.

  • File > Open - find and select the hello-world directory.

hello-world is now loaded and initialized as a PhpStorm project.

Next time you close and re-open PhpStorm it will give you the option to re-open this project.

Optionally, you can always re-open a project by going to File > Open and re-selecting the appropriate directory.

Project specific config

If you do a git status in your hello-world directory, you'll see a new folder called .idea which holds all the relevant PhpStorm settings for this project.

You probably don't want to track this directory in git, so in the root of your project, you want to edit/add a file called .gitignore and add the line .idea so it will ignore this directory.

Tour of the interface

  • Top: Menus and toolbars
  • Left: Tool windows (project, navigation, favorites, etc.)
  • Right: Editor
  • Bottom: Status bar


Get into preferences:

  • Mac: PhpStorm > Preferences
  • Win: File > Settings

Skim through the settings to get a sense of what can be customized.

Note there's a search bar to find the setting you're looking for.

Customize what you see/don't see in the interface: Appearance & Behavior > Menus & Toolbars


Search by the command, or the existing keymap.

The following are the keyboard shortcuts I use most frequently. You should customize these as you see fit and get comfortable using them, especially Reformat Code

Most important:

  • Cmd + A: Select all
  • Cmd + L: Reformat Code
  • Shift + Shift: Search Everywhere


  • Cmd + K: Hide All Tool Windows
  • Cmd + W: Close tab

Tools we're not using

  • Databases
  • Terminal
  • Version Control
  • Debugging


Code MUST use 4 spaces for indenting, not tabs. -PSR-2 Coding Style Guide

PhpStorm settings for white space

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