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Proper handling of configuration conflicts in studio in appliance dif…

…f method
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1 parent a63a596 commit 818923926942be1eed7ee019eae470bd22e1eab9 Yury Tsarev committed
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  1. +3 −0 lib/handlers/appliance.rb
3 lib/handlers/appliance.rb
@@ -66,7 +66,10 @@ def status
desc "appliance diff", "difference between RPMs installed on current machine and SUSE Studio configuration"
+ require_appliance_id
def diff
+ appliance_state = self.status
+ raise appliance_state if appliance_state != "Appliance Ok"
# get list of installed packages
rpm_output = `rpm -qa --qf '%{NAME}#%{VERSION}-%{RELEASE}$'`.split('$').sort # TODO: bug check exit code
rpm_output.delete_if {|x| x["gpg-pubkey"] } # remove SUSE gpg-pubkey package

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