This repository contains the Amazon EC2 AMI creation scripts used and distributed by SUSE Studio.
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Amazon EC2 scripts for SUSE Studio images

This repository contains a collection of sub-projects and scripts used for creating and managing Amazon EC2, in the context of SUSE Studio (Online, [Onsite] ( built images.

Pull requests, feature requests and bug reports are very much appreciated!


This sub-project provides an easy way to monitor and clean-up Amazon EC2 instances and AMIs across all EC2 regions. Refer to the sub-project's for details.


This sub-project contains the documentation and script that is included with all SUSE Studio built EC2 images (it's bundled in the resulting tarball). The README file is included as is, while the script has the values marked in {} substituted during image creation.

The code in this repository is periodically merged and deployed to Please refer to the sub-project's for more details.

Bash script for creating public openSUSE AMIs in all Amazon EC2 regions, from a single Studio built EC2 image. This is used for creating all the official openSUSE AMIs in Amazon EC2, under the owner ID 056126556840.

It's a simple wrapper script that extracts information from a tarball name (hence it must adhere to the naming convention), and calls the [] ( script for each region.

  where TARBALL is in the form 'Amazon_Machine_Image_AMI_12.1_32bit.i686-3.0.0.ec2.tar.gz'

Details of the previous public openSUSE AMI releases can be found in the following blog posts:


Bash script for launching the specific Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and connecting to it. The instance is automatically terminated upon logout. This is intended for easy testing of AMIs.

Usage: run-and-connect [--region REGION] AMI_ID

Launches and connects to the specified AMI in the specified region.

Script creates a one-time SSH keypair, waits for the AMI to be available,
launches the instance, waits for it to boot, then SSHs into it. It
automatically terminates the EC2 instanceand removes the created SSH
keypair on logout.

  --region REGION      The region to upload and register in [us-east-1, us-west-1,
                       eu-west-1, ap-southeast-1, ap-northeast-1]. Default is 'eu-west-1'.
  --self_test          Run self test on AMI instance and exit.
  --help               Display this help and exit.

Sample run:

jamestyj@sentosa:~> run-and-connect ami-bdd3e7c9
10:19:57 Creating SSH keypair suse-studio.DO0fSzzp7m in eu-west-1...
10:20:01 Waiting for AMI...
10:20:05 Starting new instance...
10:20:09 Started i-eb8a779d
10:20:09 Waiting for hostname......
10:20:31 Hostname is
10:20:31 Waiting for instance boot and SSH....
Warning: Permanently added ',' (RSA) to the list of kno    wn hosts.

  __|  __|_  )  SUSE Linux Enterprise
  _|  (     /       Server 11 SP1
 ___|\___|___|     x86_64 (64-bit)

For more information about using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server please see

Have a lot of fun...
ip-10-234-223-220:~ # logout
Connection to closed.
10:21:02 Cleaning up...
10:21:02 Removing SSH keypair suse-studio.DO0fSzzp7m...
10:21:05 Terminating instance i-eb8a779d...
10:21:09 Bye