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README for SUSE Studio Amazon EC2 image

NOTE: The latest version of this README and corresponding scripts are available on Github. The rendered version of this document is also easier to read there.

This tarball contains the Amazon EC2 image created by SUSE Studio (Online, Onsite) and the script. The script uploads the image to Amazon EC2 and creates an EBS backed Amazon Machine Image (AMI).


The Amazon EC2 API tools must be installed for the script to work. The easiest way is to install the RPM from the Cloud:EC2 repository. For example, if you're running openSUSE 12.2, run the following commands:

sudo zypper addrepo Cloud:EC2
sudo zypper refresh Cloud:EC2
sudo zypper install ec2-api-tools

Alternatively, you can download and install them directly from Amazon.


In order to access Amazon Web Services (AWS), the script requires the following environment variables to be defined:

$AWS_USER_ID     - AWS user ID (eg. 123456789012)
$AWS_SECRET_KEY  - AWS secret access key (eg. abcdefghijklmnoprqrtuvwxyzabcdv)
$EC2_CERT        - Path to EC2 X.509 certification (eg. ~/cert-aws.pem)
$EC2_PRIVATE_KEY - Path to EC2 private key (eg. ~/pk-ec2.pem)

We recommend setting these variables in your ~/.profile file so that you don't have to set them up manually each time, eg:

export AWS_USER_ID=123456789012
export AWS_SECRET_KEY=abcdefghijklmnoprqrtuvwxyzabcdv
export EC2_CERT=~/cert-aws.pem
export EC2_PRIVATE_KEY=~/pk-ec2.pem


Now you can create your AMI in the specific Amazon region (eg. us-west-1, eu-west-1) simply by executing the script:

./ --region eu-west-1

You can then use Amazon's AWS web console to manage and launch instances of your AMIs.

There are additional options you can specify:

jamestyj@sg:/My_EC2-0.0.1> ./ --help
Usage: [--region REGION] ...
Uploads and creates an EBS backed EC2 Amazon Machine Image (AMI) in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Report bugs to

General options:
  --region REGION          The region to upload and register in [us-east-1, us-west-1,
                           eu-west-1, ap-southeast-1, ap-northeast-1]. Default is 'us-east-1'.
  --name NAME              AMI name. Must be unique. Default is 'My_EC2-0.0.1'.
  --description TEXT       AMI description. Default is 'Built by SUSE Studio'.

Advanced options:
  --arch ARCH              System architecture [i386, x86_64]. Default is 'i386'.
  --base BASE_SYSTEM       Base system [11.3, 11.4, SLES10_SP3, SLES11_SP1]. Default is '12.2'.
  --tarball FILE_PATH      Path to Studio EC2 tarball. Default is '../My_EC2-0.0.1.ec2.tar.gz'.
  --volume_size SIZE       Root volume size, in GB. Default is 5.
  --test_ami               Test the resulting AMI by launching and SSH into it.
  --public                 Make the resulting AMI public.

Sample output

Normal execution of the script looks like this:

jamestyj@sg:/> tar xf My_EC2.x86_64-0.0.1.ec2.tar.gz
jamestyj@sg:/> cd My_EC2-0.0.1
jamestyj@sg:/My_EC2-0.0.1> ./ --region eu-west-1
20:13:35 Creating 'SUSE_Studio' security group in eu-west-1...
20:13:38 Created new security group
20:13:38 Adding SSH permissions to 'SUSE_Studio' security group in eu-west-1...
20:13:40 Added SSH permissions
20:13:40 Creating SSH keypair suse-studio.7t0KnY0zjn in eu-west-1...
20:13:42 Starting new instance (ami-6e57621a)...
20:13:48 Started i-4d0a563a in eu-west-1b
20:13:48 Waiting for hostname.....
20:14:05 Hostname is
20:14:05 Creating 10G EBS image volume in eu-west-1b...
20:14:08 Created vol-70a16a19
20:14:08 Attaching image volume...
20:14:12 Waiting for instance boot and SSH.......
20:14:37 Uploading image...
Warning: Permanently added ',' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.
Amazon_SLES11.x86_64-0.0.4.ec2.tar.gz                                           100%   92MB  11.5MB/s   00:08
20:14:46 Extracting image...
20:15:36 Writing image to vol-70a16a19 (may take a few minutes)...
20:15:37 Stopping instance i-4d0a563a.......
20:16:10 Detaching root volume vol-7aa16a13...
20:16:14 Detaching image volume vol-70a16a19...
20:16:21 Attaching vol-70a16a19 as root volume...
20:16:28 Creating AMI with name='a63-Amazon_SLES11.x86_64-0.0.6'
20:16:31 Created ami-e04f7a94
20:16:31 Cleaning up...
20:16:31 Terminating instance i-4d0a563a...
20:16:38 Removing root volume vol-7aa16a13...
20:16:42 Removing image volume vol-70a16a19...
20:16:43 Removing SSH keypair suse-studio.7t0KnY0zjn...
20:16:45 Created new EBS-backed AMI. May take several minutes for AMI to be ready.
20:16:45 AMI: ami-e04f7a94, region: eu-west-1.

Feedback / Bug reports

Please send your bug reports, questions, feedback, and suggestions to