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CDP Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Combination Action
Alt + 1 Heading Level 1
Alt + 2 Heading Level 2
Alt + 3 Heading Level 3
Alt + 4 Heading Level 4
Alt + P Paragraph
Alt + W Code Block
Alt + F Figure Reference Block
Alt + Q Blockquote
Alt + T Tip
Alt + I Information Box
Alt + X Clear Format/Remove Link
Alt + Up Arrow Superscript Superscript
Alt + Down Arrow Subscript Subscript
Alt + Right Arrow Increase Indent Increase Indent
Alt + Left Arrow Decrease Indent Decrease Indent
Alt + Insert Align Left Align Left
Alt + Home Align Center Align Center
Alt + Page Up Align Right Align Right
Alt + R Page Break Page Break
Alt + B Bullet List Bullet List
Alt + N Numbered List Numbered List
Alt + M Set start of numbered list Set start of numbered list
Alt + U Insert/Edit Link/URL Insert/Edit Link/URL
Alt + C Code in Text Code in Text
Alt + S Screen Text Screen Text
Alt + Y Inline Quote Inline Quote
Alt + D Add image border Add image border
Ctrl + S Save
Ctrl + B Bold Bold
Ctrl + I Italics Italics
Ctrl + M Add Book Comment Add Book Comment
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