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v1.1.3 2 August 2019

  • Updated Acknowledgments, with 2 new co-authors.
  • Translated various parts into Japanese.
  • A large restructuring of the general testing, platform specific testing and reverse-engineering chapters.
  • Updated description of many tools: Adb, Angr, APK axtractor, Apkx, Burp Suite, Drozer, ClassDump(Z/etc), Clutch, Drozer, Frida, Hopper, Ghidra, IDB, Ipa Installer, iFunBox, iOS-deploy, KeychainDumper, Mobile-Security-Framework, Nathan, Needle, Objection, Magisk, PassionFruit, Radare 2, Tableplus, SOcket CAT, Xposed, and others.
  • Updated most of the iOS hacking/verification techniques using iOS 12 or 11 as a base instead of iOS 9/10.
  • Removed tools which were no longer updated, such as introspy-Android and AndBug.
  • Added missing MASVS references from version 1.1.4: v1.X, V3.5, V5.6, V6.2-V6.5, V8.2-V8.6.
  • Rewrote device-binding explanation and testcases for Android.
  • Added parts on testing unmanaged code in Objective-C, Java, and C/C++.
  • Applied many spelling, punctuation and style-related fixes.
  • Updated many cryptography related parts.
  • Added testaces for upgrade-mechanism verification for apps.
  • Updated Readme, Code of Conduct, Contribution guidelines, verification, funding link, and generation scripts.
  • Added ISBN as the book is now available at Hulu.
  • Added various fixes for the .epub format.
  • Added testcases on Android and iOS backup verification.
  • Improved key-attestation related explanation for Android.
  • Restructured OWASP Mobile Wiki.
  • Removed Yahoo Weather app and simplified reference on using SQL injection.
  • Improve explanation for iOS app sideloading to include various available methods.
  • Added explanation on using ADB and device shell for Android.
  • Added explanation on using device shell for iOS.
  • Provided comparison for using emulators/simulators and real devices for iOS/Android.
  • Fixed Uncrackable Level 3 for Android.
  • Improved explanation on how to exfiltrate data and apps on iOS 12 and Android 8.
  • Improved/updated explanation on SSL-pinning.
  • Added list of adopters of the MASVS/MSTG.
  • Updated English, Japanese, French and Spanish checklists to be compatible with MSTG 1.1.2.
  • Added a small write-up on Adiantum for Google.
  • Added MSTG-ID to the paragraphs to create a link between MSTG paragraphs and MASVS requirements.
  • Added review criteria for Android instant apps and guidance for app-bundle evaluation.
  • Clarified the differences between various methods of dynamic analysis.

v1.1.2 12 May 2019

  • Added missing mappings for MASVS V1.X.
  • Updated markdown throughout the English MSTG to be consistent.
  • Replaces some dead links.
  • Improvements for rendering as a book, including the ISBN number.
  • Updated the Excel: it is now available in Japanese as well!
  • Many punctuation corrections, spelling and grammar issues resolved.
  • Added missing iOS test case regarding memory corruption issues.
  • Added contributing, code of conduct, markdown linting and dead link detection.

v1.1.1 7 May 2019

  • Improvements on various tool related parts, such as how to use on-device console, adb, nscurl, Frida and Needle.
  • Updated 0x4e regarding SMS communication.
  • Many grammar/style updates.
  • Added Android description regarding MASVS requirement 7.8.
  • Updated contributor list.
  • Various updates on instructions regarding TLS and encryption.
  • Removed some erroneous information.
  • Fixed parts of the alignment of the MASVS requirements with the MSTG.
  • Updated information on various topics such as jailbreaking and network interception on both iOS and Android.
  • Added some steps for Frida detection.
  • Added write-ups on Android changes, regarding permissions, application signing, device identifiers, key attestation and more.
  • Extended guidance on SafetyNet attestation.
  • Added information on Magisk.
  • Added Firebase misconfiguration information.
  • Added references to more testing tools.
  • Updated contributor list.
  • Added a lot of information to iOS platform testing.
  • Added a lot of fixes for our book-release.

v1.1.0 30 Nov 2018

  • Added more samples in Kotlin.
  • Simplified leanpub and gitbook publishing.
  • A lot of QA improvements.
  • Added deserialization test cases for iOS, including input sanitization.
  • Added test cases regarding device-access-security policies and data storage on iOS.
  • Added test cases regarding session invalidation.
  • Improved cryptography and key management test cases on both Android and iOS.
  • Started adding various updates in the test cases introduced by Android Oreo and Android Pie.
  • Refreshed the Testing Tools section: removed some of the lesser maintained tools, added new tools.
  • Fixed some of the markdown issues.
  • Updated license to CC 4.0.
  • Started Japanese translation.
  • Updated references to OWASP Mobile Top 10.
  • Updated Android Crackmes.
  • Fixed some of the anti-reverse-engineering test cases.
  • Added debugging test case for iOS.

v1.0.2 13 Oct 2018

  • Updated guiding documentation (README).
  • Improved automated build of the pdf, epub and mobi.
  • Updated Frontispiece (given new contributor stats).
  • Added attack surface sections for Android and various.
  • Added vulnerable apps for testing skills.
  • Improved sections for testing App permissions for Android (given android Oreo/Pie), added section for testing permissions on iOS.
  • Added fix for Fragment Injection on older Android versions.
  • Improved sections on iOS WebView related testing.

v1.0.1 17 Sept 2018

  • Updated guiding documentation (README, PR templates, improved style guide, issue templates).
  • Added automated build of the pdf and DocX.
  • Updated Frontispiece (given new contributor stats).
  • Updated Crackmes and guiding documentation.
  • Updated tooling commands (adb, ABE, iMazing, Needle, IPAinstaller, etc.).
  • Added first Russian translations of the 1.0 documents for iOS.
  • Improved URLs for GitBook using in case of URLs with odd syntax.
  • Updated Frontispiece to give credit to all that have helped out for this version.
  • Clarified the app taxonomy & security testing sections by a rewrite.
  • Added sections for network testing, certificate verification & SSL pinning for Cordova, WebView, Xamarin, React-Native and updated the public key pinning sections.
  • Removed no longer working guides (e.g. using iTunes to install apps).
  • Updated a lot of URLs (using TLS wherever possible).
  • Updated tests regarding WebViews.
  • Added new testing tool suites in the tools section, such as the mobile hack tools and various dependency checkers.
  • Updated test cases regarding protocol handlers (added missing MASVS 6.6 for iOS).
  • Many small updates in terms of wording, spelling/typos, updated code segments and grammar.
  • Added missing test cases for MASVS 2.11, 4.7, 7.5 and 4.11.
  • Updated the XLS Checklist given MASVS 1.1.0.
  • Removed the clipboard test from iOS and Android.
  • Removed duplicates on local storage testing and updated data storage test cases.
  • Added write-ups from the mobile security sessions at the OWASP summit.
  • Added anti-debugging bypass section for iOS.
  • Added SQL injection & XML injection samples and improved mitigation documentation.
  • Added Needle documentation for iOS.
  • Added fragment injection documentation.
  • Updated IPA installation process guidance.
  • Added XSS sample for Android.
  • Added improved documentation for certificate installation on Android devices.
  • Updated Frida & Fridump related documentation.
  • Added sections about in-memory data analysis in iOS.
  • Updated software development and related supporting documentation.
  • Updated (anti) reverse-engineering sections for Android and iOS.
  • Updated data storage chapters given newer tooling.
  • Merged SDLC and security testing chapters.
  • Updated cryptography and key-management testing sections for both Android and iOS (up to Android Nougat/iOS 11).
  • Updated general overview chapters for Android and iOS.
  • Updated Android and iOS IPC testing.
  • Added missing overviews, references, etc. to various sections such as 0x6i.
  • Updated local authentication chapters and the authentication & session management chapters.
  • Updated test cases for sensitive data in memory.
  • Added code quality sections.

v1.0 15 Jun 2018 (First release)

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