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Sandwich Club Android app built for Android Developer Nanodegree Program.
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Sandwich Club Project Starter Code

Project Overview

In this project, you will complete the Sandwich Club app to show the details of each sandwich once it is selected.

Why this Project

Building a layout and populating its fields from data received as JSON is a common task for Android Developers. Although JSON parsing is usually done using libraries, writing the JSON parsing for this project will help you to better understand how it is processed.

What Will I Learn?

Through this project, you will:

  • Learn how to submit projects for review
  • Practice JSON parsing to a model object
  • Design an activity layout
  • Populate all fields in the layout accordingly

How Do I Complete this Project?

Download the Sandwich Club app starter code.

Design the layout for the detail activity so the different elements display in a sensible way. Implement the JSON parsing in JsonUtils so it produces a Sandwich Object that can be used to populate the UI that you designed.

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