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Dr. Giblet's son Trevor complies, gently settling the refractor on the bridge of your nose. As he pushes inward on the two halves of the instrument, the lenses align and you find yourself staring through the device at a blurry eye chart..
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What is this?

This is the source code to "Narrow Your Eyes", an interactive fiction
game (or more commonly known as "text adventure".)

It was originally written by Jack Welch and Ben Collins-Sussman on February 12, 
2012 (in beta).  The code is now released under the "Creative Commons
Attribution - Noncommercial - Share Alike 3.0" license, which you can
find in the LICENSE file.

The game is written in the Inform 7 programming language.  You can
download the compiler and IDE as a single package from here:

When compiled, the source code produces a bytecode file which can be
executed on any implementation of a Glulx virtual machine:

The game's source code lives in a single file called ''.

To build the game:

1. Create a working Inform project from your source tree:

  $ git clone URL nye
  $ cd nye
  $ mv nye.inform/ temp.inform/

  [...launch Inform, create new project in this dir called 'nye'…]

  $ cp temp.inform/Source/ nye.inform/Source/
  $ cp temp.inform/uuid.txt nye.inform/
  $ rm -rf temp.inform/

2. Use the Inform 7 IDE to install the *.i7x extensions. In the past, you 
had to manually copy them to a directory that depended on what operating
system you were using, and how you had configured it. It is preferable to 
do this automatically within the IDE by clicking on the "File" menu, and then 
on the "Install extension" submenu. Since all of the extensions are downloaded
when you clone the repository, you can find them at the top level of your
working directory.

When the extensions are installed, their names should appear in black type
(rather than gray) under "File" > "Open Extension" > Author's Name 
> Extension Name.  If you want to review the text of an extension, click on
its name.

3. Launch the Inform IDE and load the nye.inform project.  The
source code should be visible, and it should compile fine.  [Make sure
that Inform's settings are are set to "Glulx" as the target VM.]

  ** DO NOT do any version control operations (commit, push,
  ** and particularly, pull, update, and merge) while the Inform IDE 
  ** is still open.  When the IDE 'saves', it destroys and recreates 
  ** the whole nye.inform/ directory, thus possibly eradicating any 
  **  changes you may have downloaded. 

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