The world is full of Pogomen, and now that you don’t have a job or family to worry about, you might as well get back to it!
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What is this?

This is the source code to "Pogoman Go!", an interactive fiction game
(or more commonly known as "text adventure".)  It was originally
written by Jack Welch and Ben Collins-Sussman during the summer of

The code is released under the "Creative Commons Attribution -
Noncommercial - Share Alike 3.0" license, which you can find in the

The game is written in the Inform 7 programming language, using
version 6M62.  You can download the compiler and IDE as a single
package from

When compiled, the source code produces a bytecode file which can be
executed on any implementation of a Glulx virtual machine:

The game's source code lives in a single file called '' --
this file, some .i7x extensions, along with the 'uuid.txt', are the
primary things kept under version control.

To build the game:

1. Create a working Inform project from your source tree:

  $ git clone URL pogoman-go
  $ cd pogoman-go
  $ mv pogoman-go.inform/ temp.inform/

  [...launch Inform, create new project in this dir called 'pogoman-go'…]

  $ cp temp.inform/Source/ pogoman-go.inform/Source/
  $ cp temp.inform/uuid.txt pogoman-go.inform/
  $ rm -rf temp.inform/

2. Install extensions. To keep all parts of the project together and
since we have made some edits to some extensions, extensions used in
the project are under the pogoman-go.materials/Extensions/ directory.
If the entire project is cloned, these files will come along for the
ride. Inform will look there first while compiling.

3. Launch the Inform IDE and load the pogoman-go.inform project.  The
source code should be visible, and it should compile fine.  [Make sure
that Inform's settings are are set to "Glulx" as the target VM.]

  ** DO NOT do any version control operations (commit, push,
  ** and particularly, pull, update, and merge) while the Inform IDE 
  ** is still open.  When the IDE 'saves', it destroys and recreates 
  ** the whole pogoman-go.inform/ directory, thus possibly eradicating
  ** and changes you may have downloaded.