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Three hundred years ago, the Brazilian Space Agency discovered a rocky exoplanet only 38 light years from Earth. With a surface temperature of 1200 Celsius and nine times Earth's gravity, it's hardly the sort of place you'd take your dog walkies. Most days.
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Rover's Day Out

This game is a science-fiction text adventure ("interactive fiction") originally written for the IFComp 2009 competition. (And it won 1st place!)

It's written in the Inform 7 programming language, and compiles into bytecode that can be executed on a Glulx virtual machine.

(Because the source text straddles the fuzzy line between "code" and "fiction", we've released it on the Creative Commons Attribution - Noncommercial - Share Alike 3.0 license.)

To play the game

To play the game in your browser immediately: Simply click right here.

To play in a standalone interpreter: Grab the latest .gblorb file from the Download bubble to the right, then load this file into a Glulxe interpreter to play.

If you've never played interactive fiction before: read this simple crib sheet to give you a sense of how the command parser works. It's a limited vocabulary, fairly easy to master.

You may also want to read Ben Collins-Sussman's introduction to interactive fiction.

To modify or compile the game

Clone the git repository using the instructions on the Source tab. Read the BUILDME file for further instructions. Of course, we recommend you play the game first, unless you want spoilers. :-)

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