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Soft matter physics @ Emory

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  1. cellGPU cellGPU Public

    GPU-accelerated simulations of Voronoi and vertex models of cells. Initial version published in Computer Physics Communications:

    C++ 15 10

  2. open-Qmin open-Qmin Public

    Liquid crystal simulations in the Landau de Gennes framework

    C++ 9 16

  3. workingWithGit workingWithGit Public

    TeX 1 1

  4. curvedSpaceVertexModel curvedSpaceVertexModel Public

    An extension of the previous cellGPU package (and, currently, less well documented), that allows for simulations of 2D vertex models in curved space

    C++ 1

  5. curvedSpaceSim curvedSpaceSim Public



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