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Open Source Community Action Data: Saint Paul, Minnesota

by Abu Nayeem

This repository consist primarily of Jupyter Python notebooks that use public data to provide insightful information to community members. Here are the some of the details:

  1. Open Data Initiative:
  • This initiative is to take public data from various sources and provide meaningful analysis that matters to community members to create actionable results.
  • The design principle of this project is to get community members actively interacting with data (which include interactive maps), learning, and coming with their own insights.
  • The code, data, and analysis is open to the public. Thus it can serve as an additional layer of accountability, transparency, and effective feedback for corresponding governmental agencies, and local organizations.
  • I encourage local residents, programmers, and developers to collaborate on improving the results and making the data accessible and improving upon the data pipeline.

Furthermore, I encourage other residents in different cities and places across the world to do a similar initiative to obtain open data from agencies and provide meaningful metrics. Please share your experience to the community as a whole.

If any graphs or reports are used in presentations, or any other professional settings, please credit Open_Data_Saint_Paul

  1. Saint Paul Data Repository:
  • Open source data will be stored and formatted in the repository. However, there is 100MB size file limit to be posted on Github.
  • Data should be processed to make it easier to combine different datasources together
    • For example, the census data can be processed in such a way that practitioners can get meaningful information
    • The unique key identifiers will be displayed to give quick reference.
  • Proper coding annotations and formatting should be utilized to get better feedback and enable other persons to work with the code
  • Currently, this repository use Jupyter python notebooks. Other programming languages and software can be included.
  • Data is collected within the geographical location of Saint Paul; this does not restrict to only Saint Paul as county data can be used
  1. Actionable Data Metrics:
  • How can we use data to create actionable results in real-time or address community problems proactively?
  • How can community members become a "data detective", where analytics can be personalized and encourage members to explore the data.
  • How can community members/organizations/agencies easily access data to make informed decisions
  1. Unique Design Solutions:
  • How can we display sensitive geo-coordinate without giving away specific location? [E.g Crime Data]
    • One such solution is to create a geo-coordinate proxy algorithm that takes a 'masked address' and gives an approximate location of the event. View the interactive crime map to learn more about the algorithm.
  1. Limited Liability
  • I an not affiliated and/or paid by an organization, so not liable if the data analysis is incorrect and/or data is missing.
  • As an open data project, I encourage community members to validate data handling by running the reports yourself.
  1. Contributions:
  • If you would like to collaborate on improving the reports, and/or program in another language, it is welcomed. Please email me.
  • If you have comments and concerns, send me an email
  1. Public Portfolio:
  • This repository also serves as a public portfolio of my programming and research skills.
  • As a Frogtown community member and local superhero, I provide free analysis to my local community.
  1. Commissions/ Support:
  • If you want a similar analysis on any of the reports on your local community in Saint Paul or elsewhere, please send me an email. We can negotiate prices. Any completed projects will be added into the open-data repository.
  • I'm a strong component of grassroots democracy and critical of capitalism. To reduce the financial temptation of sponsors, consider donating to me at Patreon (not set up yet)
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