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Gnome Shell extension which makes workspace switcher show thumbnails instead of arrows
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sustmi Update for GNOME Shell v3.32
- Fixes issue #7.
- Monkey patching was replaced with class inheritance.
- The custom ThumbnailsBox implementation does not copy-paste so much
  code anymore. I hope it will be more compatible with future GNOME
  Shell versions this way.
- The removeTweens() should be called only on the "opacity" property.
  Otherwise it also removes the tween that moves the border which
  highlights the current desktop.
Latest commit f24476a Apr 25, 2019

Workspace Switcher Popup with Thumbnails (GNOME Shell Extension)

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GNOME Shell has a default popup displayed when switching between workspaces using (default) shortcuts CTRL+ALT+UP or CTRL+ALT+DOWN that looks like this:

Screenshot of the default workspace switcher popup

This extension makes the popup look similar to the workspace thumbnails box that is displayed in the right panel in window overview mode (displayed after pressing SUPER key) so it is easier to see the contents of the workspaces:

Screenshot of the workspace switcher popup with thumbnails

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