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This repo contains files that are useful in the provisioning of an NeTV
device. It specializes in provisioning many devices at once, in a
one-to-many fashion.
A single NeTV is turned into a "provisioning bomb" that will then
automatically provision any unconfigured devices that are placed near it.
Provisioned devices retain their provisioned status until they are
reimaged, which can be accomplished by holding down the button on the side
of the device as it starts up.
The following scripts are used in the provisioning process.
When connected to an NeTV access point, call this script to "bless" the
device and turn it into a provisioning bomb. It will then proceed to
provision all unconfigured devices that appear. Note that you will
need to get the passcode from the screen on the device in order to
complete the provisioning process.
Use this script to create a .ipk file suitable for deploying. Largely,
it takes an input directory that will then get placed on a device.
Note that you can't overwrite files that are created by other packages.
This springboard gets copied over to the device getting "blessed". It
will configure the device, set up startup scripts, and reboot it. Once
the board comes back up, it will act as a "provisioning bomb", and will
provision any unconfigured devices that are brought in-range.
This server script daemonizes and then looks for unconfigured devices.
When it finds one, it will associate, deploy the provisioning scripts,
execute them, and then wait for the board to reboot.
This script will ultimately get copied onto a device as part of the
provisioning process. It installs the package and reboots the board.
The following scripts are example code. They are actually integrated into
various scripts mentioned above, and are useful for debugging.
Execute a command on an unconfigured NeTV.
Upload a file to an unconfigured NeTV.
Wait for the AP we're associated with to disappear.
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