Library of base components to be used to create high performance charts that use SVG by default and VML for Internet Explorer 8 and below.
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This library is in early development and undergoing fairly rapid change, however, it is entirely usable for those features that have been implemented. The ChartTest.html file demonstrates those features.

This JavaScript library (written in CoffeeScript) is designed to assist in creating SVG and VML graphics that run efficiently on IE8.

The Raphaël JavaScript library provides a very effective library for creating identical looking SVG/VML graphics with support for interactivity but performance on IE8 for complex graphs can be sufficiently slow to rule it out from production use for applications that require good IE8 support. The underlying performance issue with Raphaël on IE8 is the very slow performance of IE8 JavaScript DOM manipulation. The architecture of Raphaël does not lend itself being optimised for VML as it is designed around ongoing DOM manipulation.

suthdraw is designed to generate an object model of the graphic before, at the very last moment, rendering this to a single, complete and compact VML or SVG String which can be inserted as a single operation into the web page.

A further wrapper is provided to wrap around a selected element to allow subsequent runtime modification of elements independent of whether they are rendered in SVG or VML.

suthchart (which incorporates suthdraw) is a thinner layer of functions to facilitate the creation of graphs: titles, axis, grids, etc.


  • suthdraw has dependencies upon underscorejs.
  • suthchart currently has some additional dependencies upon jQuery (e.g. the zoom implementation code). Ideally this dependency may be removed in future or separated off so that the majority of the library can be used without requiring jQuery.

Trying it out

To build the library run the script on a Unix / Mac OS environment. The main requires CoffeeScript to already be installed on your machine. The tests are performed using nodeunit which must also be separately installed. Finally, the minimisation of the final library is carried out using the Google Closure Compiler which must be installed for this to work.

Once compiled try out the library by viewing the file /src/test/html/ChartTest.html.