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bitcoind Node Stat

bitcoind-node-stat is a simple php script for displaying information about a bitcoin node via http.

The idea behind the script is to simply have one file managing and serving the data gathered from the bitcoin daemon. The use of html code with inline stylesheets and scripts is done intentionally, just to keep it very simple.



  • Web Server able to serve PHP
  • PHP Version 5.4 or higher
  • Cron Service (p.e. cronie)

Originally this script was intended to run on linux with apache and cronie. Nevertheless there should be a way to use it on windows.

The PHP script itself has no dependencies.

The HTML generated refers to several content delivery networks: For jQuery, glyphicons and fonts. Cross-domain ajax requests are performed for reverse dns lookups and GeoIP.


The configuration file 'config.php' is included at the beginning of the script. It is therefore possible to just replace the include command with the configuration options.

Configuration options are:

$config["node-name"] = "My Server";

The (nick-)name of the server (If not set will be the reverse DNS entry)

$config["node-country"] = "gb";

Country code of the server (If not set will be auto-detected)

$config["node-ipv4"] = "";

IPv4 Address of the server (If not set will take IPs from bitcoind)

$config["node-ipv4"] = "2a02:DEAD:BEEF:8008::1";

IPv6 Address of the server (If not set will take IPs from bitcoind)

$config["rpc-command"] = "/usr/local/bin/bitcoin-cli";

Bitcoin rpc client command path. Can include other commands: p.e. sudo -u bitcoin /usr/local/bin/bitcoin-cli

$config["data-file"] = "/tmp/bitcoind-node-stat.json";

Temporary file to store recent node information. The file must be writable by the cronjob and readable by the webserver.


Since the website is only reading data from a simple json file, the script has to grab the data from the bitcoin daemon. This is usually done with a cronjob.

The cronjob could look like this:

* * * * * /usr/bin/php /var/www/htdocs/bitcoin-node-stat.php

It will update the data once a minute.


I wrote this script for my own bitcoin node, which I recently set up because my vps was doing almost nothing. Click on the link to see a demonstration of how it looks like.


Licensed under MIT License.

Parts of the software are written or provided by third partys. I don't claim rights on their products and a notice is included on the rendered website.

Don't remove the references when you are using the system.