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Cocoa Touch library for finding information on an iOS device's owner. Inspired by Square's iOS app.
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Typing names, email addresses, and other personal info is never fun. This is often your user's first experience with your app, and it sucks.

Fortunately, these data often already exist somewhere on your user's phone. JBDeviceOwner presents them to you in a simple interface.

JBDeviceOwner currently gets you the following attributes:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number

More are coming.


JBDeviceOwner *owner = [UIDevice currentDevice].owner;

// owner will be nil if the user's data could not be found.
if (owner != nil) {
  self.firstNameTextField.text = owner.firstName;
  self.lastNameTextField.text  = owner.lastName;
  self.emailTextField.text     =;
  self.phoneTextField.text     =;

How does it work?

It's really simple actually.

Most iPhones are named "Jake Boxer's iPhone" (sometimes with a different person's name instead of mine). Most iPhones have their owner saved in their address book.

JBDeviceOwner extracts the owner's name from the device name, finds the matching record in the address book, and populates the JBDeviceOwner instance with the data from the record.

If JBDeviceOwner can't figure out the owner's name, or if it can't find a matching record in the address book, it won't return anything.

How to install

  1. Download a ZIP/TAR of the framework from the Downloads tab. Unzip/untar it.
  2. Drag JBDeviceOwner.framework into your project.
  3. Add AddressBook.framework to your project if it's not there already (it's an Apple framework).
  4. Add -ObjC -all_load to your target's "Other Linker Flags".
  5. Add #import <JBDeviceOwner/JBDeviceOwner.h> to any file where you want to use JBDeviceOwner.
  6. Delight your users!


  • iOS 5.0


This library was inspired by Square's iOS app, and by John Feminella's awesome Quora explanation of Square's magic.

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