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Slack extension for Microsoft BotBuilder. Deprecated use
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botbuilder-slack-extension npm version CircleCI

⚠️ Deprecated Use botbuilder-slack

Slack extension for Microsoft BotBuilder.

This extension will listen for missing (in BotBuilder slack connector) events.

The following events are allowed and need to be configured in slack:

Note: You need to manually add the events in this page:


  • channel_archive
  • channel_created
  • channel_deleted
  • channel_rename
  • channel_unarchive
  • group_archive
  • group_rename
  • group_unarchive


  • app_uninstalled


You can listen for slack commands. Commands will be sent as custom events with type slackCommand. Event information will be sent under sourceEvent => SlackMessage.


yarn add botbuilder-slack-extension


The extension will listen for the previously listed slack events and forward them as conversationUpdate events.

This means you can use:

 bot.on('event', function(event) {
  // Handle event here

 bot.on('slackCommand', function(event) {
  // If you want to use slack commands

To configure the extension you simply need to create a listener and hook it in your restify server.

var restify = require('restify')
var builder = require('botbuilder')
var SlackEventListener = require('botbuilder-slack-extension')

var connector = new builder.ChatConnector()
var bot = new builder.UniversalBot(connector)

// SlackEventListener take two arguments, the chat connector and a lookup function for your bot.
// The lookup function must return a promise with an object that conforms to IIdentity
var slackEventListener = new SlackEventListener(connector, function (teamId) {
  return new Promise(function (resolve, reject) {
    // This is your custom get function
    const bot = getBot(teamId)

    return { id:, name: }

// Start listenting for botbuilder events'/bot', dependencies.botConnector.listen())

// Start listenting for direct slack events'/your-slack-path-for-events', slackEventListener.webhooksHandler())

// Start listenting for slack commands'/your-slack-path-for-commands', slackEventListener.commandsHandler())


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