A PyAIML, Bayes and Twisted Python IRC bot
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GrokItBot is an IRC bot that uses the popular AIML framework to mimic human conversational responses.
Since the AIML files can quickly become verbose, GrokItBot uses the Reverend Thomas Bayesian parser 
from DivMod to cut down on the amount of AIML needed. By guessing what the topic of conversation is, 
GrokItBot is able to reduce a large number of possible inputs down to a much smaller selection of topics.

GrokItBot is also able to learn, and makes the most of the excellently hackable AIML syntax to be as 
dynamic as possible. The best place to learn more about GrokItBot is on my website:


Running GrokItBot:

You can run GrokItBot with just he defaults, like this:


Or you can pass in some options, like this:

./GrokItBot.py <nickname> <channel> <password>

- Duncan Gough 11/01/09