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d2b1613 Nov 28, 2010
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GrokItBot depends on PyAIML, Reverend Bayes, Twisted and Python.
Download them from the following locations:
Reverend Bayes:
Then install each component (usually python install) before running GrokItBot.
Note, you may run into an error in the PyAIML Kernel that looks like this:
"exceptions.IOError: [Errno 0]"
The solution is to edit the relevant file and add in a sleep statement where the file IO is having problems.
For me, this file was in /Library/Python/2.5/site-packages/aiml/ and here's how it looks now:
response = ""
out = os.popen(command)
except RuntimeError, msg:
if self._verboseMode:
err = "WARNING: RuntimeError while processing \"system\" element:\n%s\n" % msg.encode(self._textEncoding, 'replace')
return "There was an error while computing my response. Please inform my botmaster."
time.sleep(0.1) # added by Duncan Gough - 10/01/09
Note the added time.sleep(0.1)
- Duncan Gough 11/01/09