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Anteater Network

Anteater Network 15.0

© 2013 JMMP (Jola Bolaji, Mark Chege, Melvin Chien, Patrick Chen) and the UC Irvine Alumni Association.


  • Hide-able results list
  • Automatic populating menus
  • Auto focus on search
  • Supports online businesses
  • Custom CSS styling
  • Toggle clusters
  • Clear all filters
  • Google Maps directions
  • Marker clusterers
  • Buffer zone around results
  • Geolocation
  • Filter by category or school
  • Instant free search
  • Mobile friendly


Version 15.0 September 9, 2013
  1. Rebuilding system from scratch!
Version 14.1 June 30, 2013
  1. Encoded all filter values, not just search. Fixed issue #139.
  • Added Reset button to Search menu.
Version 14.0 March 10, 2013
  1. Converted filters from an array to an object with properties.
  • Updated QUnit tests. Fixed issue #128.
  • Auto resize map and results list depending on height of window.
  • Use Font Awesome instead of Fontello.
  • Updated Bootstrap, jQuery, jQuery UI, QUnit, and GMaps to use CDNs.
  • Updated bootstrapSwitch to 1.2.
  • Updated LICENSES file.
  • Added smarter select boxes with Bootstrap Combobox. Fixed issue #93.
  • Added toggle to switch between search and filters.
  • Adjusted responsive behavior of menu bar. Fixed issue #136.
  • Default to filters for desktops.
Version 13.2 February 28, 2013
  1. Added geolocation. Fixed issue #105.
  • Added map focusing to marker when listing is clicked.
  • Commented our JavaScript and PHP code. Fixed issue #123.
  • Added business category and alumni school name to free search. Fixed issue #132.
  • Removed dependency on alumni ID numbers. Fixed issue #129.
  • Fixed no results notice not showing up. Fixed issue #134.
  • Fixed free search tooltip positioning.
  • Added responsive behavior to menu bar. Fixed issue #95.
  • Added currently applied filters bar. Fixed issue #106.
  • Redid the anteater in Anteater Network logo. Fixed issue #130.
Version 13.1 February 23, 2013
  1. Fixed map jumping to bottom of page when results list is hidden or shown. Fixed issue #98.
  • Added more school names based on UCI's Academics page.
  • Updated Bootstrap to 2.3.0.
  • Set loading bar to only show when there is something actually being loaded.
  • Updated Schools menu with proper full school names.
  • Started progress on admin panel. Fixed issue #111.
  • Changed color of marker icon.
  • Set businesses with no category to Other. Fixed issue #122.
  • Remove marker clusterer when it is turned off. Fixed issue #86.
  • Updated GMaps to 0.3.
Version 13.0 February 18, 2013
  1. Display "(No Title)" for businesses without a name. Fixed issue #100.
  • Center map on USA on first load. Fixed issue #115.
  • Implement PHP variable validation to prevent against SQL injections.
  • Businesses without a name will not be displayed.
  • Added free search. Fixed issue #68.
  • Fixed check for first load of web page. Fixed issue #118.
  • Removed populate from Clear Filters button. Fixed issue #116.
  • Use boolean mode for full-text searching. Fixed issue #117.
  • Added negate operator to free search to allow for certain terms to be excluded.
  • Convert school codes to full school names. Fixed issue #110.
  • Added tooltip for excluding search terms.
  • Removed zip code search.
  • Implemented business categories filter. Fixed issue #120.
Version 12.2 February 12, 2013
  1. Converted XMLHttpRequests to use jQuery AJAX calls. Fixed issue #99.
  • Added searching by school/major and class year.
  • Fixed filters for major and class year. Fixed [issue #109]
  • Coverted PHP MySQL API from mysql to mysqli. See this for a comparison of the different MySQL APIs PHP offers.
  • Escaped special characters in strings for SQL statements sent to database. Fixed issue #78.
  • Implemented sleep function to geocoding in order to avoid hitting Google's rate limit. Fixed issue #108.
  • Move geocoding to separate file and clean up code. Fixed issue #102.
  • Updated QUnit JavaScript unit tests.
  • Check for no results using the results list. Fixed issue #113.
Version 12.1 February 6, 2013
  1. Fixed highlighting in results list. Fixed issue #101.
  • Fixed highlighting in menus.
  • Changed order of navbar items.
Version 12.0 February 6, 2013
  1. Added transparency to tooltips. Fixed issue #92.
  • Added toggle to hide results list. Fixed issue #94.
  • Added styling to infowindows. Fixed issue #27.
  • Minor changes to Hide and Show buttons from user testing.
  • Added basic geocoding. Fixed issue #81.
Version 11.0 February 3, 2013
  1. Rebuilt Anteater Network again, from bottom up.
  • Enable Bootstrap responsive features. Fixed issue #77.
  • Added social network icons by Brandico from Fontello.
  • Added switches from bootstrap-switch.
  • Added gmaps.js.
  • Added code from 10.3 for basic functionality.
  • Added map zooming / focusing.
  • Added marker clusterer.
  • Fixed results list display problems.
  • Added button for clearing all filters.
  • Fixed filters not clearing.
  • Fixed info windows opening when listing is clicked.
  • Fixed dropdown listing highlighting when clicked.
  • Fixed results list highlighting when marker is clicked.
  • Added loading bar. Fixed issue #71.
  • Fixed loading bar transparency.
  • Input boxes are cleared when filters are cleared. Fixed issue #89.
  • Driving directions use full addresses rather than coordinates. Fixed issue #90.
  • Fixed rounded corners of loading bar.
  • Removed max image widths. Fixed issue #88.
  • Added QUnit JavaScript testing. Fixed issue #79.
  • Added tooltip help over buttons. Fixed issue #82.
Version 10.0 January 25, 2013
  1. Fixed some bugs related the order scripts were loaded
  • Removed header
  • Implemented Bootstrap
  • Added new logo to navigation menu
  • Fixed spacing issues
  • Fixed never ending drop down menus
  • Updated QUnit tests
Version 9.0 December 10, 2012
  1. Added buffer of ±0.003 degrees to latitude and longitude of each pin. Fixed issue #45.
  • Map stays in place when there are no markers to display. Fixed issue #33.
  • Implemented marker clusterer. Fixed issue #9.
  • Adjusted pull tab code to use two different images on open and close. Fixed issue #65.
  • City menu and markers now populate after the map is loaded, rather than at the same time. City menu also populates at the same time as markers populate to prevent stalling the page. Fixed issue #67.
  • Added a second XMLHttpRequest object. Fixed issue #60.
  • Clicking a business in the results box will fit the marker to the screen and open the info window. Fixed issue #66.
  • Changed a for in loop to a standard for loop as it was not parsing through the array correctly. Fixed issue #55.
  • Added a debug table at the bottom of the page.
  • Added a response timer in milliseconds which updates on every populate call.
  • Marker clusters update whenever filters are being applied. Fixed issue #64.
Version 8.0 December 5, 2012
  1. Map is clickable again. Fixed issue #48.
  • Added social network logos for Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.
  • Various CSS changes and fixes.
  • Updated Anteater Network logo to include slogan, position and size is yet to be adjusted.
  • Progress towards issue #9.
  • Added tab to hide and show results box. Fixed issue #22.
  • Progress on issue #46, added feature based QUnit JavaScript unit tests.
  • Pressing Enter no longer refreshes page. Fixed issue #11.
  • Zipcode search uses button or Enter key. Fixed issue #36.
  • Updated GitHub page
  • Replaced text box values with placeholders. Fixed issue #28.
  • Changed "Name" to "Business Name". Fixed issue #31.
  • Added link to get directions in info windows. Fixed issue #52.
  • Completed feature based QUnit JavaScript unit tests. Fixed issue #46.
  • Added LinkedIn button. Fixed issue #53.
  • Implemented larger database. Fixed issue #39.
  • City menu auto populates from database. Fixed issue #12.
  • Results box is sorted alphabetically by business name. Fixed issue #18.
  • Missing information will not be displayed. Fixed issue #62.
Version 7.0 November 14, 2012
  1. Fixed issue #21, added JMMP logo and slogan to header and created footer
  • Fixed issue #24, Rancho San Margarita had wrong value in HTML form.
  • Added GitHub Page at
  • Fixed issue #37, turned off animation for pins except on first populate.
  • Fixed issue #20, text searches are case insensitive.
  • Fixed issue #16, fixed filter menu moving up and down.
  • Fixed issue #29, moved results box to left side.
  • Fixed issue #32, removed Filter By.
  • Fixed issue #30, moved text boxes into drop down menus.
  • Made main JavaScript code more modular.
  • Fixed issue #40, skipping PHP unit tests.
  • Fixed issue #41, set up initial QUnit JavaScript unit tests.
  • Fixed issue #42, skipping user interface tests.
  • Fixed issue #26, moved zoom controls to right side of map.
  • Fixed issue #44, drop down menus show above map.
Version 6.0 October 29, 2012
  1. Updated README with Changelog
  • Started using Github Issues
  • Fixed issue #1
  • Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and LinkedIn integrated in 5-fivevariant
  • Fixed issue #10, zoomed and centered map on markers
  • Added basic results list that updates on filter changes
  • Fixed issue #2, updated map colours to be more neutral
  • Fixed issue #5, added check to not display businesses without addresses on map
  • Fixed issue #13, related to #5.
  • Map refocuses on UCI if there are no pins to show on map
  • Fixed issue #6, implemented results box on the right side.
  • Fixed issue #8, basic styling of almost all elements on page.
Version 5.0 October 26, 2012
  1. Added map styling from Patrick
  • Adjusted default zoom
  • Added custom marker icon
  • Added filter functionality for business names, cities, and zip code (zip code is only a direct match)
  • Combined multiple JavaScript filters into one populate() function
  • Added (hardcoded) functionality for more than one filter being applied at the same time
  • Fixed markers' info windows not being closed automatically
  • Added more information inside info windows
Version 0.0 June 2012
  1. Prototype


Please see LICENSES.