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Nepali Romanized Pro (Unicode) for macOS

This is a package that installs Unicode Nepali Romanized Keyboard Layout on a macOS machine. Since the Keyboard Layout that comes with macOS is limited, this is intended to be a replacement for a better experience.

This keyboard layout is based on the Nepali Unicode Romanized layout by Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya.


The package is not signed yet, so you will have to right-click open, and allow the package to run.

  • Download the latest version from releases.
  • Right-click on the package, choose 'Open'. Read the warning and continue to open the package instead of moving it to the bin. The package will be signed in a future release to solve this issue.

You have to log out, and the log back in before being able to use the Keyboard Layout. Installer


After logging out and back in again (this is necessary else it won't work.), follow as below.

Open System Preferences, and select the Keyboard preferences System Preferences

In the "Input Sources" tab, enable the "Show input in menu bar". Press the [+] button at the bottom left, and find the newly installed layout in the 'Nepali' section. Layouts - Input Sources Nepali - Input Sources

Optionaly, setup a keyboard shorcut to switch between the layouts easily. Shorcut - Input sources

Finally, select the keyboard layout you want to use on the menubar, or use the shorcut. Keyboard Select

That's it. You're all set to using 'Nepali (Romanized) - Pro' layout on your machine.

Keyboard Layouts

Nepali Mode ( Normal, Shift and Caps Lock Mode )


Quick English mode ( Command, Option and Option+Shift Mode)

Shift Pressed

Download the pdf here if needed.

Suggestions are always welcome.

Feel free to send me one by opening an issue here