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A Ludum Dare 25 game

48h compo entry

Theme: You are the villain



Colorful is released under the "zlib with acknowledgement" license.

The full text of the license can be found in the LICENCE.txt file.

Language info

Language: Object Pascal

Recommended compiler: Free Pascal Compiler

The release versions (both Win32 and Linux) have been compiled using FPC 2.6.2, but I've been able to compile it with 2.4.4.

I haven't been really using any features new to the compiler, so I think that even older versions should be able to build the game quite eagerly.

Libraries used

The game uses SDL (along with SDL_Image and SDL_Mixer) libraries for event handling, gfx and sfx; and the Sour lib.

Simple DirectMedia Layer

Sour is my own handiwork and can be downloaded from my site. A copy is also bundled with those GitHub sources.

Building instructions

Since version 2.2.2, FPC comes with most of the SDL units included. You could, alternatively, get a copy from

Sour is bundled with the Colorful source. You could, alternatively, get a copy from my homepage.

To build, just compile the main source.

$ fpc ld25.pas

You can also use the makefile, which sets up some additional compile flags.

$ make

Note that the configfiles.pas file holds some game constants (mostly file paths) used to determine where to place config files. These constants are, of course, platform specific and have been set ONLY for Win32 and Linux. If you want to compile for another platform, you'll have to meddle with the code a bit and add these constants for your new platform. Or just remove the compiler directives and hard-code them for your OS - whatever you find suitable.

Bundled SDL_Mixer

By default, on Linux, SDL_mixer links and depends on smpeg for MP3 support. Since Colorful does not use MP3s, and less dependencies is better (not to mention that until quite recently, MP3 was patent-encumbered), we want to avoid dragging smpeg into the picture.

Since FPC 3.0.0, the compiler comes with an smpeg-disabled version of SDL_Mixer by default. However, for older versions of the compiler, it was necessary to bundle a copy of SDL_Mixer and modify it appropriately.

There are macros in the source code that detect whether you're using FPC >= 3.0.0 and switch to using the compiler-provided library, instead of relying on the bundled one. In this case, it's safe to competely remove the src/sdl_mixer_bundled.pas and src/ files without affecting the build.

Author's rambling

No, I'm not joking. It's that dead-since-always language, Pascal. Well actually, Pascal, despite not being to popular in business, has quite a large userbase, so contrary to what many C-users might be thinking, it's far from being dead.

Okay, enough ranting. The code, as you can expect from a game made for a 48h compo, is quite crappy. Since this is a post-compo version, some cleanup has been made, functions have been moved, comments have added. But it's still far from being state-of-the-art, so don't expect me to cover the damage if you hurt your eyes looking at it.

To find out exactly what can you do with the code, read the license. Basically you can whatever you want as long as you don't claim you are the author and make an acknowledgement if using some part of this stuff for your own purposes.

Other than that, feel free to read, observe, and despair. I mean, learn. Like, you know, I made a game and you didn't, so you can learn from me. Yeah.


Colorful - Ludum Dare 25 (Dec 2012) entry.





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