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SpringBoot H2 In memory Db with JPA and RestController

A sample app that shows how to use an H2 in memory database within a springboot application. The setup is really simple made possible with JPA and H2. I have build in a RestController to access the data. The data itself is stored in a sql file that is populated on start up.


I built this app to help testers manage their test-data as this is a common problem in our scope. This is part 1 of 3 that will show how use a central test-data factory to test in code system tests as well as functional tests later on.

How to use this application.

Open it up and hit the play button or just run from command line!

Access the Db

Upon start up your database is setup and preloaded! H2 provides a web form to access the database visually, simply navigate to #http://localhost:8080/h2-console to access the form, and use jdbc:h2:mem:testdb as the JDBC URL.

You will find a Student table with 2 entries in it.

To access the API's -

To access the API's simply navigate to http://localhost:8080/students/ - this will provide a list of students.

http://localhost:8080/students/id/{id} - this will provide a unique student based in the Id you have entered.


I did not bother with error handling on the API, so if you muck up there expect to see a 400!