Compiled Notes for all 9 courses in the Coursera Data Science Specialization
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Data Science Specialization Course Notes

I have compiled notes for all 9 courses of the Johns Hopkins Unversity/Coursera Data Science Specialization. The notes are all written in R Markdown format and cover all concepts convered in class, as well as additional examples I have compiled from lecture, my own exploration, StackOverflow, and Khan Academy. These documents are intended to be comprehensive sources of reference for future use and they have served me wonderfully in completing the assignments for each course. So I hope you will find them helpful as well.

They are by no means perfect, so feel free to correct, contribute (send a pull request), or use them in anyway you would like.

You will find HTML, PDF, and R Markdown files here in this repository in each of the corresponding folders. You can view the HTML versions here

If you have any questions, drop me an email at