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✦ My personal website built using Next.js, Tailwind CSS, shadcn/ui, Contentful, Raindrop, Supabase and deployed on Vercel.


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My personal website has evolved over the years — from a simple static HTML page, to Create React App, to GatsbyJS, then to a combination of Next.js, Chakra UI and MDX, and finally to a combination of Next.js, Tailwind CSS and Contentful. It serves as an app-like-web platform for my writings, highlighting my journey, showcasing my bookmarks, and more.


  • / — Home page.
  • /[slug] — Static pre-rendered pages using Contentful. (e.g. /stack)
  • /writing — Writing page.
  • /writing/[slug] — Static pre-rendered writing pages using Contentful.
  • /journey — Journey page.
  • /workspace — Workspace page.
  • /bookmarks — Bookmarks page.
  • /bookmarks/[slug] — Static pre-rendered bookmarks pages using Raindrop.
  • /bookmarks.xml — Bookmarks XML feed.
  • /api — API routes.

Running Locally

$ git clone
$ cd
$ bun i
$ bun dev

Create a .env file similar to .env.example.

Tech Stack

Repo Activity



  1. Feel free to take inspiration from this code.
  2. Avoid directly copying it, please.
  3. Crediting the author is appreciated.

No complicated licensing. Be kind and help others learn.

You can use the same license with:

npm install -g lice
lice -l onur_dev