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Linux file system management mode for emacs
Emacs Lisp
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Linux file system management mode for emacs

What is fs-mode?

fs-mode is a file system management mode for emacs. It can manage your file system, you can mount or umount file system. It also support mount ecryptfs file system. (I put my little secret into ecryptfs file systems)

How to install it?

add following code into emacs's init file.

  ;; change the directory according to your needs
  (add-to-list 'load-path "directory/to/install/")
  (require 'fs-mode-autoload)

How to use it?

Use M-x list-fs to enter the fs-mode. and there are following key shortcuts bindings.

  • m - mount a file system.
  • u - umount a file system.
  • q - quit the fs-mode.

Use root-cmd.el to execute commands which needs root privilege.

When I wrote the fs-mode, I need a elisp package to make a process with root privilege, because the mount and umount command need root privilege. So I make root-cmd package to execute root command.

It is really convenient to use the root-cmd. Following is a sample to illustrate how to use it.

  (require 'root-cmd)
  ;; execute a root command
  (root-cmd "ls /root/")
  ;; return the output of above command if needed.
  ;; you can get the output directly from variables root-cmd-output-keep
  ;; stop the root command process.
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