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@github-actions github-actions released this 29 Aug 00:36
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#473 tfmigrate-plan: Support GCS (Google Cloud Storage) as storage for tfmigrate history files

From v0.3.7, tfmigrate now supports GCS as history backend.
So tfaction supports a new configuration field gcs_bucket_name_tfmigrate_history, which a GCS bucket name to store tfmigrate history files.


- working_directory: gcp/
  target: gcp/
  gcs_bucket_name_tfmigrate_history: "<YOUR GCS BUCKET NAME>"

#480 setup: Install the latest google cloud sdk

tfaction uses gsutil to store plan files to GCS.
Recently, gsutil supports Workload Identity Federation.

⚠️ You must use the Cloud SDK version 390.0.0 or later to authenticate the bq and gsutil tools.

So in setup action tfaction installs the latest gsutil using google-github-actions/setup-gcloud

You can use GCP instead of AWS 🎉

From v0.5.16 you can use GCP instead of AWS, because tfmigrate supports GCS as history backend and gsutil supports Workload Identity Federation!


Thank you, Contributors!

@KengoTODA #473