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Makes workable HTML from Microsoft Word's Web-Filtered HTML
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This cleans Word's "Web Page, Filtered" output.


Save your Word document as "Web Page, Filtered (*.htm;*.html)".

Clone this repository into a local folder and place your htm files into the "convert" directory.

cd C:\Users\Whatever\ReplaceIT
.\ReplaceInFolder.ps1 .\convert\YourFolder-or-File

ReplaceIT will confirm the file, or list all of the .htm files in the folder you target and ask you if you would like to convert them. (Want to submit a PR? Make it look multiple levels down)

!! ReplaceIT will search down multiple folders and convert any .htm files it finds !!


.\ReplaceInFolder.ps1 .\TargetDirectory -log

Logs all operations to a logfile in the current directory.


  • Creates a backup before converting
  • Removes inline styling
  • Identifies super and subscripts (pretty damn well)
  • Case-sensitive foreign language character replacement
  • Replaces all images with a placeholder
  • Formats tables
  • Converts bulleted lists to unordered lists
  • Adds "title" class to linked <p> elements

Many thanks to Michael Clark for his remarkable expertise.

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