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Welcome to Simon 2.0 World!

Simon History

Also known for creating the first video game system, inventor Ralph Baer and his coworker Howard Morrison developed the Simon game inspired by an Atari arcade game called Touch Me.

Named after the children's game of Simon Says, the game was released by Milton Bradley Company in 1978 with a midnight release party at Studio 54, the elite disco in NYC at the time.


Some Screenshots

First Page Choose Level Game Off Game On 1 Game On 2 Wrong Answer

Technologies Used

  • Hypertext Markup Language 5 (HTML)
  • Cascading Style Sheets 3 (CSS)
  • JavaScript (JS)


You can play Simon 2.0 World here:

You can also play on your phone!

How to play:

  • First choose if you want it to be endless or leveled
    • If you want leveled, write how many levels do you want
  • Press play!
  • Press the start button
    • If you want to play on strict mode, click on strict mode button
      • Strict Mode: if you press the wrong order, you will start from the beginning
  • Copy the computer order
  • Enjoy! 😉

Next Steps

Implement a two-player game, with two simons side by side and each person plays in one of them.

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