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Learner's Lisp
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Learner's Lisp

Learner's Lisp is a LISP language meant to help introduce people to functional programming and functional languages.

Current Language

Built In Functions

Function Description
def Defines an expression
lambda Defines a lambda function
list Creates a list
head Gets head of list
tail Gets tail of list
eval Evaluate an expression
join Cons operator
load Opens file
error Raise error message
print Print to stdout

Core Library

Function Description
nil Empty list
true 1
false 0
fun Function definition
let Open a new scope
unpack Unpack a list to a function
pack Unapply list to a function
curry An application of unpack
uncurry An application of pack
do Perform a sequence of statements in order
not Logical not operator
or Logical or operator
and Logical and operator
min Minimum number of arguments
max Maximum number of arguments
select Select an element
case Case on a condition
flip Flip variable application
ghost Directly evaluate expression without function application
comp Function composition
first First element in list
second Second element in list
third Third element in list
nth Nth element in list
last Last element in list
length Length of list
map Apply function to all elements in list
filter Reduce list to all elements which satisfy a condition
init Return all but last element
reverse Reverse list
foldl Accumulate from left to right
foldr Accumulate from right to left
take Select first n elements
drop Remove first n elements
split Split list at index n
take-while Select elements while a condition is satisfied
drop-while Remove elements while a condition is satisfied
is-elem Determine if x is an element in the list
lookup Find element in a list of pairs
zip Combine list into list of pairs
unzip Convert list of pairs into two lists
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