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Duktape Wiki

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This is the repo for the official Duktape Wiki,

Duktape Wiki is edited in the duktape-wiki repo, using pull requests to make edits. The Wiki is built into static HTML files using pandoc and hosted on Some pages are generated from outside sources, e.g. ConfigOptions page is generated using (developed in the Duktape main repo).


The site is built with Linux, using Docker:

# Host needs a few commands like: make, git, zip.  Output site will appear
# in build/output/  You may need to use 'sudo make'
# depending on Docker setup.

$ make clean docker-images docker-build

Web server should redirect /index.html to Home.html.


Duktape Wiki is part of Duktape documentation and under the Duktape MIT license. When contributing to the Duktape Wiki you agree to license your contribution under this license.

Before contributing to the Wiki, create a pull request into the Duktape main repository to include your name in the AUTHORS.rst, under "Authors".