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Duktape 1.x compatible module loading framework

The default built-in module loading framework was removed in Duktape 2.x because more flexibility was needed for module loading. This directory contains a Duktape 1.x compatible module loading framework which you can add to your build:

  • Add duk_module_duktape.c to list of C sources to compile.

  • Ensure duk_module_duktape.h is in the include path.

  • Include the extra header in calling code and initialize the bindings:

    #include "duktape.h"
    #include "duk_module_duktape.h"
    /* After initializing the Duktape heap or when creating a new
     * thread with a new global environment:

    Don't call duk_module_duktape_init() more than once for the same global environment.

  • As usual in Duktape 1.x, you should define Duktape.modSearch() to provide environment specific module lookups.

  • After these steps, require() will be registered to the global object and the module system is ready to use.