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Minimal 'console' binding

Duktape doesn't provide a console binding (for example console.log) by default because it would be a portability issue for some targets. Instead, an application should provide its own console binding. This directory contains an example binding:

  • Add duk_console.c to list of C sources to compile.

  • Ensure duk_console.h is in the include path.

  • Include the extra header in calling code and initialize the bindings:

    #include "duktape.h"
    #include "duk_console.h"
    /* After initializing the Duktape heap or when creating a new
     * thread with a new global environment:
    duk_console_init(ctx, 0 /*flags*/);

    Use the DUK_CONSOLE_PROXY_WRAPPER to enable a Proxy wrapper for the console object. The wrapper allows all undefined methods (for example, console.foo) to be handled as no-ops instead of throwing an error. See duk_console.h for full flags list.

  • After these steps, console will be registered to the global object and is ready to use.

  • By default the console object will use stdout for log levels up to info, and stderr for warning and above. You can change this by providing either DUK_CONSOLE_STDOUT_ONLY or DUK_CONSOLE_STDERR_ONLY in duk_console_init() flags.