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Minimal sprintf/sscanf replacement for Duktape

The duk_minimal_printf.c provides a portable provider for sprintf()/scanf() with a feature set matching minimally what Duktape internals need. The provider compiles to less than 1kB. The functions provided are:


In addition to Duktape internals, the set of supported formats affects the duk_push_(v)sprintf() call which may have an impact on user code.


  • sizeof(void *) <= sizeof(long)
  • sizeof(long) <= 8

Note that these assumptions don't hold e.g. on 64-bit Windows. This printf provider is mostly useful for low memory targets where these assumptions are typically not an issue. The limitations are easy to fix if one relies more on platform typing.

Supported formatting


Duktape relies on a sprintf() provider which supports at least the following (this list is from Duktape 1.5.0):


%lld    (JSON fast path only)



This minimal provider supports the following slightly different, wider set.

  • Character format %c.
  • String format %s.
  • Pointer format %p.
  • Integer formats %d, %ld, %lu with optional padding and length modifiers.
  • Hex formats %x, %lx with optional padding and length modifiers.

The wider set is useful to make duk_push_(v)sprintf() behave reasonably for any user code call sites.

The %lld format is not supported to avoid depending on the long long type; this makes the replacement incompatible with the JSON fast path which must thus be disabled.


There's only one call site for sscanf(), for JX parsing of pointers:

duk_bi_json.c:        (void) DUK_SSCANF((const char *) js_ctx->p, DUK_STR_FMT_PTR, &voidptr);

The exact format string here is %p and nothing else needs to be supported. Further, when the minimal printf/scanf providers are used together we only need to parse what we produce. In particular:

  • Pointer prefix is 0x, no need to match 0X for example.
  • All digits are [0-9a-f] with no need to match uppercase.

Building "duk" with minimal printf/scanf

The necessary defines in duk_config.h can be given to genconfig, but you can also just make the following manual additions to the bottom of the config file:

#include "duk_minimal_printf.h"

#define DUK_SPRINTF duk_minimal_sprintf
#define DUK_SNPRINTF duk_minimal_snprintf
#define DUK_VSNPRINTF duk_minimal_vsnprintf
#define DUK_SSCANF duk_minimal_sscanf

Then just add duk_minimal_printf.c to build and compile the application.

Future work

  • Add support for %lld (maybe conditional) to allow JSON fast path to be supported.
  • Add support for platforms such as 64-bit Windows where sizeof(long) < sizeof(void *). This can be achieved by using a few typedefs internally; typedef an integer type large enough to hold all formatted types.