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A sopel plugin for displaying and creating IRC art.
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Sopel-Art is a port of the old deerkins project. It allows users to produce beautiful ART in a web browser to display in an IRC channel. The big differences between the original deerkins and this project are as follows:

  • It's a sopel module (which means it's in Python now)
  • It accepts new art via a RESTful API
  • New art modifiers!


You should add this module to sopel. You can do this by adding the path to this module to your sopel config under [core] extra. You can run the sopel with the config flag (-w) to configure the bot. You will need to set up a web accessible page that will allow you to generate new art. See the example.html for more information.


  • .art will print out a random art
  • .art <artname> will print out a specific art.
  • .art <artname>|<modifiers> will print out the modified art
  • .art |<modifiers> will print out the a random modified art


  • d - divide
  • f - shift, shifts each line of the art a bit
  • i - invert, inverts the colors of the art
  • m - mirror, mirror image
  • n - unitinu the image
  • r - reverse the image
  • s - square
  • u - upsidedown
  • x - apply a bunch of random modifiers :)


Artbutt can (at least now) be found at and is the place where anyone can create art. The bot it is attached to is named "Melvis" and is on You can see it in action in #art.

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