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API's for programming languages and general server backend purposes stay here. Special library API's (say, Statistics, GUI/Desktop/HTTP, etc..) should be listed in their respective pages.



  • MathLink.jl :: provides bindings to the MathLink library, which is an interface for Mathematica.
  • Mathematica.jl :: is a package that provides an interface for using Wolfram Mathematica™ from the Julia language.


  • Git.jl :: Julia wrapper for command line Git.
  • GitHub.jl :: A Julia package for interfacing with the GitHub API.
  • LibGit2.jl :: Julia bindings to the LibGit2 library.
  • MechaJulia :: A little GitHub bot that will assist with anything and everything Julia-related that is needed of it.
  • Octokit.jl :: Julia package to access the GitHub API.


Wrappers's and programming API's for other languages and general backend server purposes.


  • GetC.jl :: This package is a minimal implementation of Jasper's Julia FFI. It will load the ccall function/type signatures specificed by Jasper's FFI.
  • julia-ffi :: Julia ffi and C header parser, for autoFFIing and generating FFI libraries from it.


  • Clipper.jl :: Julia wrapping of clipper using Cxx.jl.
  • Cpp.jl :: Utilities for calling C++ from Julia.
  • Cxx.jl :: The Julia C++ Foreign Function Interface (FFI).
  • CxxROOT.jl :: A Cxx.jl based interface to CERN's ROOT.
  • CxxWrap.jl :: A package to provide a Boost.Python-like wrapping for C++ types and functions to Julia.


  • ErlPort.jl :: A Julia-Erlang module for use in the erlport project.
  • FsBert :: A Julia library for encoding / decoding binary Erlang terms.


  • FortranIO.jl :: Input/Output of fortran unformatted binary files.


  • GoTMSupport.jl :: Support for writing bundle commands for the Go programming language in Julia.


  • JavaCall.jl :: is a package that lets you call Java programs from Julia.
  • JDBC.jl :: Julia interface to Java database drivers.


  • DThree.jl :: Simple interface to d3.js from Julia.
  • GoogleCharts.jl :: Julia interface to Google Chart Tools.
  • ijulia_d3_tutorial :: A step by step guide to d3.js chart usage in ijulia notebooks.
  • j2d3.jl :: trying to generate d3 statements from within julia.
  • JavaScriptBridge.jl :: A simple package that allows Julia to interact with JavaScript in a browser and is heavily inspired by Blink.jl.
  • jlbox :: Use node.js to provide a mechanism for automatically reloading julia source and test files via gulp.js and a ZMQ socket.
  • JSTypes.jl :: Mimic Javascript objects using Julian types.
  • node-julia :: Fast and simple access to Julia embedded in node.js. Documentation: Getting Started with Node Julia.
  • PlotlyJS.jl :: Julia wrapper/API for plotly.js.
  • TableView.jl :: A spreadsheet-like display wrapping Handsontable.js.
  • twiddle.jl :: Bit twiddle port from port from bit-twiddle.
  • Vue.jl :: A Julia wrapper for Vue.js.

Template Engines



  • ObjectiveC.jl :: A Julia library that allows you to call Objective-C methods using native syntax.


  • FileFind.jl :: Minimal Implementation of Perl's File::Find in Julia.



  • Polyglot.jl :: Transparent remote/recursive evaluation between languages - it also supports Perl, PHP and Javascript.
  • PyCall.jl :: Call Python functions from the Julia language.
  • PyJulia :: Python interface to julia.
  • pyju :: Python to Julia cffi bindings.
  • PySyntax.jl :: Allows Python-like syntax in Julia by providing a light wrapper on top of PyCall.jl in the form of a macro.


  • jl4R :: Julia for R will embed the julia language in R, with very basic julia types getting converted into R objects.
  • ProjectTemplate.jl :: is a draft port of the ProjectTemplate package for R to Julia.
  • RCall.jl :: Embedded R within Julia - ports all the R API functions from C into Julia.
  • RCalling.jl :: An R interface of Julia - uses the Julia API (in C) and R API (also in C) intensively to call R library packages.
  • Rif.jl :: An interface to the R language and its fork, Julio.
  • RJulia :: R package to call Julia - Use Julia embedded API to write a packege for R.
  • ReadStat.jl :: Read files from Stata, SAS, and SPSS.
  • runr :: Allows you to run Julia from R using julia_socket.jl
  • utils.jl :: Utility functions for Julia + R compatibility wrapper.



  • guard-julia :: Guard plugin for Julia development. Julia guard automatically launches respective tests when Julia files are modified.
  • jl4rb :: Julia for Ruby embeds the julia language in ruby, with very basic julia types being converted to ruby objects.


  • FFIExamples.jl :: Many small examples that demonstrate how Julia's FFI works as of v0.4.