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Thank you for signing up for the PyData Workshop and Sprint with Chang She ! This wiki page contains a few logistics notes you'll need to know to make the best of the workshop, and help it run as smoothly as possible.

What to bring

We expect you to bring yourself and a laptop computer, with a compatible network card, that can enable you to connect to a wi-fi network. Your machine can be running Windows, Mac OS, or a Linux distribution of your choice. If it runs something else, that's cool, but you might run into issues with the workshop. It is important that you bring a computer you can program on, rather than just a tablet or mobile phone.

Planning for food

We plan to provide lunch, thanks to the Python Software Foundation sponsorship!

Laptop setup

Getting your computer configured to contribute to Pandas can be time-consuming, so we wrote a guide that you can work through. You can find it here:


We strongly encourage you to work through it before the event. If you are having any trouble, we can help out! Please come a little early, by 9:40 am, to the venue so that one of the volunteers will be able to assist and work with you.


The location is:

  • Pivotal Labs (8th floor), 841 Broadway New York, NY. Google-map link
  • Date: Sunday, December 16th.
  • Arrive at 09:40AM EST for laptop setup, or 10 AM for general meet&greet. Please bring a copy of your registration or atleast the Attendee/Order Number on Sunday.
  • A detailed schedule with a timeline is outlined in the Workshop-Sprint format section.
NOTE : While you are inside the Pivotal Labs office for this event, please do not enter into the main office work area. You are free to roam around the event/dining area during the workshop-sprint. Thanks.

Exit Survey

Your feedback is important to us, so after the workshop and sprint concludes, we'll send you an exit survey. Please take some time out to share your thoughts.

See you on Sunday!