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@svaksha svaksha Updated linux install pandas (markdown) e8db15e
@svaksha svaksha Updated linux install pandas (markdown) 91502e4
@svaksha svaksha Updated linux install pandas (markdown) ab9f13c
@svaksha svaksha added installation instructions for Virtualenv 415bac6
@svaksha svaksha Updated 2012 NYC (mediawiki) beb86ac
@svaksha svaksha Updated Logistics (mediawiki) 2285063
@svaksha svaksha Updated laptop setup (mediawiki) 266ebcb
@svaksha svaksha Updated laptop setup (mediawiki) a69fb30
@svaksha svaksha Destroyed 2012 nyc, (markdown) 5def8e4
@svaksha svaksha added email 99a6536
@svaksha svaksha added note about not going into the main office of Pivotal 43c1c2d
@svaksha svaksha Updated Home (markdown) bf28345
@svaksha svaksha Updated Logistics (mediawiki) fcd0270
@svaksha svaksha Updated Logistics (mediawiki) 05c5e32
@svaksha svaksha Created Logistics (mediawiki) 45f0eb7
@svaksha svaksha Updated 2012 NYC (mediawiki) c334bb1
@six5532one six5532one Added note to cd pandas in 'Build pandas' section 5efb624
@svaksha svaksha Updated 2012 NYC (mediawiki) e467cae
@svaksha svaksha Updated 2012 NYC (mediawiki) 25dc696
@svaksha svaksha Updated 2012 NYC (mediawiki) a866f87
@svaksha svaksha Updated 2012 NYC (mediawiki) 69999b0
@svaksha svaksha Updated 2012 NYC (mediawiki) 0368944
@svaksha svaksha Updated 2012 NYC (mediawiki) 547aea1
@svaksha svaksha Updated 2012 NYC (mediawiki) 5098dfc
@paulproteus paulproteus They cannot be wiki links because Github wiki removes the / at the end of /wiki/ 4105ec6
@paulproteus paulproteus Using Asheesh laptop setup guide 5d63ca3
@paulproteus paulproteus Links within the wiki can be shorter f6700ff
@paulproteus paulproteus Updated osx-install-pandas (markdown) c77c38f
@paulproteus paulproteus Updated github-account (markdown) 6b82a38
@paulproteus paulproteus Created github account (markdown) 2fa58d6
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